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A small village in the East Khasi Hills District of Shella Bholaganj. It is an extremely backward place where people even lack basic amenities available to people in other places. The rustic atmosphere and the simplicity of people are in themselves attractions. You can come here for a day tour and interact with the locales to know more about their culture and lifestyles. The village is covered with dense forests and looks even more beautiful during monsoons.

Trips and Itineraries for Mawshamok

April 8: Howrah Railway Station> Salt Lake City> Arjun and Joie and their kid, ArjoeBack to land of my forefathers | to the gracious and happy hosts | to Pom Pom, the dog | to the heat of the city of joy | to Vodka and talks on the terrace | Drunken Weed induced conversations | Ghosts of the tall trees | pranik healing | eunuch shamshans | the sanitary pad gimmick | motherhood | The Mill on the Floss | April 9 and 10: Salt Lake City, Calcutta It all started with two beers | And talks about the nobel gene and noir movies | We meet one of Arjoe's four girlfriends | Then we go fetch more Millers | Pinku comes by | We drive to his house to smoke a chillum | We have rum | He plays the keyboard | We rush back | Arjun plays the guitar | I make terrible sounds which I pretend is singing | Joie sings | Her sister and a friend joins in |We smoke up more grass |They got white rum |We gulp down more | Pinku gives me contacts for Shillong |I can't figure out how to type | Then Arjun forgets the number | Punjabi songs are played |Joie and Lillian dance like happy lambs for an hour | Arjun plays | Lillian passes out on the couch | Joie keeps staring at the painting on the wall till 6 in the morning | We miss the morning train | We leave for NJP in 10 minutes by bus | April 11: 7 PM | Bus to Siliguri After 18 hours of traffic-laced bus ride through the potholed roads of Bengal | On the way a policeman gets up to video record all the passengers and ask really inappropriate questions of couples in the sleeper berth | April 12: Midday | Shared Auto Rickshaw to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station April 12: 6:30 PM | Train to Guwahati (Second Seating | Kanchanjunga Express) After 10 hours of train travel | including an incident of a thief snatching a woman's bag | Lillian sleeping through | we reach the dusty Guwahati | April 13: Early Morning | Guwahati Only few designated hotels allow foreign tourists | Hotel Surya | 1680 INR | Inner line permit for Indian Citizens | Mizoram House + Nagaland House | Beer night | Fancy hotel room fridge | April 14: 8 Am | Connecting bus from Palton Bazaar (on the other side of the Guwahati Railway Station) to ISBT | Bus to Gohpur (Violina's village) | April 14- April 17: Gohpur | Evening During Bihu | kids in Meghala Chador | Bihu courtyard dance | ducks | goats | cows | catching fishes | drinking rice beers | visiting the tribes | the Bodo | the Mising |the Karbi | the bamboo and mud houses |ponds | Tejpur | temples | the mighty Brahmaputra | Guptkashi | Security checks | Sunset | old structures |walking through villages | And Emon, the kid obsessed with earth movers and my sleeping bag | April 17: 7:30 PM | Night bus to GuwahatiApril 18: morning | Guwahati | Shared Tata Sumo (Maxi Cab) to Shillong | 2 hours to Shillong April 18: Shillong | Police Bazaar | Marwari Basa Hotel | 600 INR No bar for ladies | smuggling beers into the hotel | drinking with precaution | feels like conjugal visit | very small room | very small beds | possible bed bugs in blankets | Meghalaya, the abode of clouds | bought a book of Khasi folklore | April 19: early morning | Maxi cab to Cherapunjee | traditional name: SohraTraffic jam | Khasi Procession |the rooster flag | fog | the driver says even the sun takes rest on a Sunday April 19: afternoon | main market to lower Sohra by Maruti 800 cab | By the Way Guest-house | 250 INR per personLost among clouds | rain | a heart towards the east | the Shire of IndiaApril 19: Sohra Walk to the Seven Sisters' Falls | through smoggy fumes of the open coal mines | Eco park: head of the Seven Sisters' Falls | green small rolling hills and pastures | meet two Indian backpackers travelling for the last 8 months across India and Bhutan | April 20: bus to Mawshamok village Arrive in fog | walk into the valley | 700 metres steep into the valley | innumerable stairs | Nongriat | the land of the living roots bridges | single bridge | skinny dipping in the river | double decker bridge | rice and 'little' sabzi | jumping into the waterfall pond | REST HOUSE near the bridge | no other guests | no running water | April 21: Nongriat Sweaty and challenging climb to the foggy village head April 21: market day | walk from lower Sohra to upper Sohra April 22: SohraWalk to Mawasmai Caves | strike called by Khasi Students Union against BJP president's upcoming visit to Shillong | no tickets at the gate | no light in the main caves | walk into the sacred forests of the Khasi | No internet | April 23: shared Maxi cab to Shillong Leaving an emotional and slightly drunk and love lorn Heprit, our host at "By the Way" April 23: Shillong Back to Marwari Basa Hotel | slightly bigger room | a sick German Sheppard | I buy 'Look Back in Anger' and 'Gitanjali' | smuggle in beer | April 24: Shillong Long walk to the Don Bosco Museum | 7 floors of tribal artefacts and informations | inaugurated by Smt....

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North East India is perhaps the most avoided part of India when it comes to tourism. ...

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Sohra-Shella Road, Mawlynnong 793108
Living Root bridges are known to come into existence in the West Jaintia Hills locale and East Khasi Hills region. Living root extensions are a type of tree forming normal in the southern piece of the Northeast Indian state of Meghalaya. They are handmade aerial roots from the living banyan fig trees. In the East Khasi Hills, living root connects adjacent Cherrapunji are known not known to exist around the towns of Nongthymmai, Nongriat, Tynrong, Mynteng, and around Laitkynsew. The nearby Khasi individuals don't know when or how the convention of living root scaffolds began. The most punctual composed record of Cherrapunji's living root extensions is by Lieutenant H Yule, who communicated awe about them in the 1844 Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. At more than 50 meters long, the longest known sample of a living root bridge is close to the little Khasi town of Pynursla. It can be reached from both of the towns of Mawkyrnot or Rangthylliang.
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Once there took place a very sad incident. There was a woman here named LiKai who was married to a very nice man who was a porter and after a few months of marriage she also gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Sadly after a few days, her husband died while carrying iron to Sylhet. She was left all alone without any support and a little girl to feed along with herself. Finding no other option she also took up the job of a porter. Since she was having no time at all to look after her daughter she was remarried. After this also she had no time to look after her husband or her daughter. Her husband grew angry and one day out of frustration he killed the little girl and cooked her as a meal. When LiKai was back home she could not see her daughter but instead of looking for her she decided to have the meal which look very good. After she had finished and was going to take a betel leaf, she found a severed little finger and soon understood what had happened. She lost her senses immediately and went mad. She kept on running and at the end jumped in this waterfall. After this the local people named it NohKaLiKai in which Noh means jump of, Ka is the term used for Meghalayan women and LiKai is the name. So, it means Jump of KaLiKai. This is at present a popular tourist attraction where you will find beautiful sceneries. The force of the waterfalls is maximum during the summers and monsoon and least during the winters.
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