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A Budget Guide To Spending 24 hours In Salzburg, Austria

Natural beauty near Salzburg. Credit: Sharmistha ChaudhuriImagine you are backing packing across ...

Sharmistha Chaudhuri
4 Days
The Hills are alive with the sound of Music - Salzburg

When I look back at the places that I have travelled to and the choices I have made, I realise th...

Antara Sen

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About Mondsee

Go to the church where the Von Trapps got marriedThe Sound of Music is a much-loved film. Remember the wedding scene at the church where Maria, the governess with the voice of an angel, gets married to Captain Von Trapp, the father of seven children she had come to look after? The scene was shot at St Michael's church in Mondsee, about an hour away from Salzburg. Local buses ply so transportation is not a problem. The church is beautiful and the images of Maria in her big floating white wedding dress keeps coming back when you go inside.

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