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5 Days
In Between The Hills- Pangot

Sitting at home one day we decided to explore an unexplored place- and while surfing we found t...

Nancy Agarwal
2 Days
Pangot | 1 Night | Self Drive

Let's be pointed to make your travel easy and faster" 1. Me along with my wife left D...

Niladri Mukherjee
4 Days
#Pawalgarh, #Sattal, #Pangot, #Vinayak, #Kunjakharak

In spite of knowing that we are low on usable cash for next 6 days (reason demonetization - 8th S...

Rajpal Singh
2 Days
PANGOT: Hidden Gem of Nainital

Mesmerizing landscapes... Greenery all around… fresh breeze... Clean air to breathe... This is wh...

Pangot: A Hidden Retreat In The Himalayas

Devoid of the maddening crowd and cellular network, Pangot is a gem hidden in the laps of the m...

Nidhi Sharma
A Jewel Tucked in the Himalayas - Pangot

Monsoons, the season we wait for the entire year, is finally here. Take a break from the monotono...


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About Pangot

We were heading towards a village named Pangot for a better view of the Himalayas. But in midway we stopped at a spot named Killbury Bird Sanctuary, where we hardly saw any bird as it was closed. Then we headed again towards Pangot, on a beautiful road which was covered with trees from both the sides and not to forget the hill which was on the left side of the road and the deep valley which was on the other side. When we finally reached Pangot, we saw only a few houses and exactly three places to eat, with a few residents and dogs which were not at all friendly, not at least to me. But before stopping at this village we went a little ahead got a wonderful view clicked some pictures and then came back to eat something, as now we both were hungry. But the only thing that was available at that place was Maggie and Momos. So we ordered Maggie and in the meantime while the shopkeeper was preparing it we went a little further inside the village with a dog following us, and the dog totally hated me for unknown reasons, but not him that to for unknown reasons. Never mind the dog we went back had our Maggie and left the place as we have to go to other places too. But in the midway we found a spot not mentioned anywhere on the map but there was a little path going down the road leading to a little river and a spot where you can actually hear the sound of water flowing and the wind whistling in your ears. It was a spot where one can find peace and a little lone time from the clutches of the outside world and people. So we sat there enjoyed the really cold water in which one cannot stand even for a minute but we did for the sake of good pictures. And during the entire trip that was the spot where I can stay as long as one would ask me too.

Best Time To Visit Pangot

Best time to visit Pangot is from April to June and October

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