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Kaffeekannen Museum Josef Freund
Rosenberg 25, 94118 Jandelsbrunn, Bavaria
Gasthaus Schurm
Scherleinsod 15, 94107 Untergriesbach, Bavaria
Pferdehof Loeffler
Konzing 1, Pfarrkirchen im Muehlkreis 4141
Relaxweg & Weltwunder
Ausgangspunkt Hauptplatz, Scharding
Knechtelsdorf 1, Kopfing im Innkreis 4794

From elegant architecture to aromatic cafes, from magnificent palaces to dramatic operas, the city of Vienna portrays royal connection in it's every aspect. 'Wien' as they call in German is a hometown to famous Mozart and Beethoven.Though my short stint with the city was not enough to explore the musically and artistically pleasing capital of Austria, I really wanted to make best of it to see as much as I could.In Vienna, I ditched the expensive hotel rooms and choose to stay at Airbnb home-stays. It was homely, cozy and really cheap. Located in the heart of the city here's a glance of my room.
When it comes to visiting the #DeutchLand, most of the people will suggest you visit during #OctoberFest or during #ChristmasMarket season.Unfortunately, i planned in such a hurry that my travel dates sit exactly on the calendar in between these events. I was kind of worried if this trip is not going to be as good as I was expecting :( Let's find out together how it went ;) Germany offers so many things to see and experience, especially Munich is one of the places where every individual will find his happy place. Therefore I decided to pick this place adding a new page in my travel book.
All buses drop you off at the Dresden hauptbahnhof (main station). A short tram ride took us to the old town center.

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