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We were into our hotel room by nightfall. Now it was time to order some chicken. Just half a plate. Oh wait! That can’t be it. “Hello, Room Service? I ordered for half a plate of chicken. This seems like a full plate and probably more than that.” Awkward silence on the other side. “Sir, it’s just half a plate.” Jackpot!Left early morning from Rohru as we were aiming at reaching Chansal Pass before the sun hit mid-sky. What we forgot to account for was that it was a weekend and local people were out for a picnic. Though it wasn’t that bad and except for a few roadblocks and rotten roads, the journey was good. Orchards lined up the roads near Chirgaon, making the dusty road beautiful. I didn’t know what Shefali was feeling all along the way. She never seemed to complain. Not a single bit. Nada!

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