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Tiruvannamalai is a very hot place....

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The main attraction in the city of Tiruvannamalai is undoubtedly the holy hill of Tiruvannamalai aka Arunachala hill....

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Top Places To Visit 6 Spots

Golden Ramana in Sri Ramanasramam

This tranquil ashram in green surrounds 2km southwest of the city centre and is named after Sri Ramana Maharishi, one of the first Hindu gurus to gain an international following, who died here in 1950 after half a century in contemplation. You’ll find people from all around the world coming here and spending a few days in pure peace and simplicity in Ramana Ashram.
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Arunachaleshwar Temple Kulam

A peaceful temple on the peak of the Annamalai Hill, this is one of the temple in the Naadu Naadu Range. Hymns about the deity of Arunachaleshwar here has been mentioned in the Thembakam scripts also. This is a seat of elemental worship and Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of fire. The temple is itself in the form of the Black Shiva Linga and water rippes down the stone walls continuously. The lord is seen to be in the lap of his mother and this is a scene of love, softness and grace. The Girivalam ritual is performed on every full moon here and this temple is a major reason for the tourist footfall in Tiruvannamalai. Also, you can worship here with a lot of peace since not many people come here due to the climbing they have to do to reach the temple.
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About Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu is considered to be one of the most holy cities in the state. The famous Annamalaiyar Temple located here is a Hindu temple dedicated to the deity Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the incarnations of the five natural elements and in Tiruvannamalai it is the element of fire known as Lord Arunachaleshwar. The temple is on the foothills of the Arunachal Hills and every full moon devotees come here to perform the sacred Girivalam ritual. The city also has a number of ashrams, mostly revolving around the deity worshipped in this temple. If you are looking for some peace and spiritual comfort, this small city is sure to surprise you.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Tiruvannamalai is from November to February


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