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to Varca is just exquisite...

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Goa. What comes to your mind when you hear this name? Parties? Water sports? Alcohol? Sunburn? For me it's none of these. For me Goa...

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GOA a place with excelent cost lines. South Goa costline is less crowded while north Goa is very much crowded. Some beaches are clean while some are very dirty. Overall the place is very good place to chill. The roads are awesome and there are no signals in Goa. You can get a rented vehicle very easily be it a 2 wheeler or a 4 wheeler. There are plenty of hotel ranging from low cost travel hostels to luxurious villas. The locals are very helpful so you fell completely safe in any area of Goa.
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About Varca

While North Goa buzzes of tourists, South Goa is calm and serene. Varca is one of those relatively quieter towns in the south of Goa for those who look for something beyond parties. The coastline is lined with black lava rocks, palm trees, a white sand shore and shacks with loungers. A tender sun makes it the perfect beach for sunbathing. Varca offers a diverse vacation package since it has almost everything in its vicinity. Cruises along the Sal river make for a great offshore experience. If you are a fan of extreme water sports, you are in for a treat. Windsurfing, parasailing, diving or jet skiing – just name it and Varca has it. A history tour around the quaint town will take you to one of the oldest buildings of Varca, the Our Lady of Gloria Church. This humble Catholic church stands tall in all its glory. Goa’s nightlife is much talked about and Varca is not far behind. After the sun goes down, a few pubs such as the Blue Lagoon and Island Bar are the places to hit for a crazy night out by the sea. If passive recreation is your thing, Varca is your destination.

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