10 Myths About Solo Travelling

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 1/10 by Priya Ravinder
Spiti Valley Nako Village

I have had so many people warning me about Solo Traveling. Backpacking alone across some of the remotest places has given me sort of an expertise to bust those myths, don't you think?

MYTH 1: It's not safe

Oh! I have heard the infamous dialogue from 'Jab we met' so many times that now I feel like swinging my handbag at the face of another person who is going to use the dialogue 'akeli ladki, khuli tijori' again.

Traveling alone has taught me that the world is not as dangerous as people assume it to be. I am always advised to carry knifes, pepper sprays and even guns (if they were legal in India). I have never carried them nor have felt the need to use any... until now. (I hope you don't too)

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 2/10 by Priya Ravinder
This goat was the only one that scared me by breaking into my room in Vattakanal

Reality- World is predominantly a safe place. You just need to have the guts to explore.

MYTH 2: You need to be rich to travel

I am poor. With my meager salary I can barely afford to spend more than Rs1000 per day. In fact sometimes I have gotten away with spending just Rs500 per day (for both food and stay). There are so many places in India that are extremely beautiful and the stay is ultra cheap. I tend to choose such places most of the times for my vacations.

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 3/10 by Priya Ravinder
The hostel in Vattakanal that costed just Rs400 per day

Reality- Money is just a frame of mind.

MYTH 3: People are bad

The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are- Thomas Dreier

Personally I have not really met bad people. Well maybe they are bad but no one was particularly bad to me. I have seen people returning me back my wallet with money and cards intact, people going out of their way to help a traveler, people being genuinely nice.

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 4/10 by Priya Ravinder
The world is a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you

Reality- Be nice to people and they will be nice to you.

MYTH 4: It's boring to travel alone

This is by far the stupidest assumption. Before starting my travels alone I had the same notion. But I've been the happiest when I have traveled alone. No fuss no frills. I go where I want to, I eat what I want and I dress the way I want. Most of my plans are spontaneously made and I love the fact that I don't need to discuss with someone else about its viability.

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 5/10 by Priya Ravinder
How in the world can I be bored when I have such a wonderful sight to keep me company?

Reality- Traveling alone is the most liberating experience

MYTH 5: Traveling alone means having flings

This is another common thing I get asked. 'So you want to find a guy, huh?' 'Aren't there men in Bangalore?' (This usually comes from the males! So typical eh?). I'm like 'WTF!'

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 6/10 by Priya Ravinder
The most interesting boy that I found

Reality- Traveling alone means different to different people. For some its more about peace and learning and the most obvious reason- Time Off!

MYTH 6: It's waste of time

The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences. 

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 7/10 by Priya Ravinder
Way to spiti valley by bus via reckong peo

Reality- The above image says it all.

MYTH 7: You may get lost, raped and sold

There is a difference between movies and reality. You have technology and good natured helpful people to your aid, so all you need to be careful of are the trouble makers and that's not too difficult, if you ask me.

Reality- Stay responsible and careful and avoiding danger becomes easy-peasy.

MYTH 8: You will be homesick

Well this may not be entirely a myth. You sometimes do get homesick, but that's the beauty of it. It makes you realise the value of what you have.

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 8/10 by Priya Ravinder
Keep moving.. don’t let loneliness catch you

Reality- You will be homesick, you will be lonely. But you need to keep moving. The secret is to stay busy.

MYTH 9: You are not serious about your life and career

Time off from your work or college cannot be better spent than by learning about new cultures, lifestyles and the world in general. You do know that Steve Jobs' travel across India helped him shape his success, don't you?

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 9/10 by Priya Ravinder

Reality- Traveling alone makes you independent and teaches you things that text books, classrooms and e-learnings don't.

MYTH 10: You are limited when you are alone

This is the most absurd myth. Rather, traveling alone makes you limitless. I get to interact with a lot more people when I'm travelling alone than with companions. I'm a lot more responsible, independent and receptive to all forms of education.

Photo of 10 Myths About Solo Travelling 10/10 by Priya Ravinder
Met a wonderful couple

Reality- A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

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Excellent blog Priya ... You took all the flaws reasons out that stop the Indian travellers ... Good Luck for your upcoming experiences ...
Sun 04 09 17, 11:04 · Reply · Report
Inspiring writeup. It definitely gives some real motivation :)
Fri 01 27 17, 22:31 · Reply (1) · Report
Thank you :)
Sun 01 29 17, 07:56 · Report
Exactly!! People need to go out and travel more!!
Fri 01 27 17, 05:02 · Reply (1) · Report
Yes, they sure do. And going alone is the best thing ever. Nothing can match that experience.
Fri 01 27 17, 09:28 · Report
superb one
Fri 01 27 17, 03:45 · Reply (1) · Report
Thank you Pratik :)
Fri 01 27 17, 09:27 · Report
Loved it... Keep writing. I can relate each and every point with my last solo trip to Europe...
Tue 11 01 16, 02:41 · Reply (1) · Report
Thank you so much for reading, Swatika... I was actually frustrated with everyone advising me against going alone, so i put in all my frustration and wrote that. ha ha!
Fri 01 27 17, 09:26 · Report
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