The Famous Prithvi Café

24th Jun 2019

If you ever visit Bombay you wouldn’t want to miss spending an evening at the Prithvi Café. This place is dear to all Mumbaikars and has been set up by Actor Shashi Kapoor himself. Being housed inside the premise of Prithvi Theatre, this little open air café is a hotspot for teenagers and young adults. There isn’t any time of the day where you’ll not find a bustling crowd hogging up on the savoury dishes and enjoying the gaily ambience. On that note, one might want to keep in mind the waiting time during the lunch hours and the peak evening hours.

For the first time, I tried the chilly cheese paratha which was served with a rich preparation of Dal Makhani and Raita. The chilly cheese paratha is an innovation applaudable in itself. It has the right amount of spice and a perfect cheese filling. The dal Makhani , though served with the parathas as a side dish has an identity of its own and clearly stands out. Served piping hot, the dal is rich with flavours and has a good blend of spices. What I loved about all those dishes is that they had an ideal raciness , not too hot and not too bland. Another dish that I tried was Hummus with Pita Bread and Tossed Vegetables. The Hummus was so delightful that I could go back right now and have a plate ordered again. It surely melted in my mouth when I took the first bite. The Pita bread was soft and the vegetables were equally good. That platter included an assortment of vegetables , red and yellow bell pepper , broccoli , mushrooms , capsicum, zucchini and baby corn too. Not to forget the dish, Penne in Cream Cheese Sauce pasta was absolutely like its name suggests. Creamy and Cheesy penne , seasoned with pepper and oregano. And lastly , Peach Iced Teas complementing the other dishes. Few things I did not try this time but are a specialty of Prithvi are The Cutting Chai and the Irish coffee. Though I can tell you that all the dishes can at least be tried once and they’ll surely not be a disappointment.

As I mentioned before that this place has an open air seating, I have always avoided the lunch hours because of the sweltering heat of Bombay. I believe that one can enjoy the food only when he/she is comfortable in the surrounding they are dining in. The café is surrounded by slender bamboo trees all around which not only adds to the persona of the place but also makes the whole area a bit breezy. In the evening the yellow lights and the music set the mood for a vibrant and lively experience.

This place is absolutely the right pick for young adults but I wouldn’t recommend this café for a family luncheon or dinner. A small book store set up inside is a little treat for all the bookworms out there. I can surely vouch that this place and its food will not let you down and you’ll be looking forward for your next visit at the blink of an eye !

Info :
Average cost for two people - ₹700
No alcohol available
Opening hours- 10:30 am to 10:30pm

Address : Prithvi Theatre, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Juhu, Mumbai

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