A trek to the spiritual village in Kodaikanal

21st Nov 2018
Day 1

All of us will be familiar with the queen of hills aka Kodaikanal, As the name suggests it is the queen of hills.Now a days Kodaikanal has become a famous tourist spot and huge amount of people are coming to see her beauty everyday. So most of the destinations are crowded.For those who prefer tranquility and serenity  I will suggest an village called vellagavi which is  an small hamlet located at the top of the hill, This village will make you feel  like heaven on the earth , genuinely speaking. I have been in this heaven for two times and returned back with a  ton of memories.The journey starts from vattakanal, The trek takes about 3.5 to 4 hrs for the beginners but this would be a trek of happiness ,On the way you can see the beautiful dolphin nose ,echo point, small home stays , magical forests and the foggy climate will leave you goosebumps.The initial trek is smooth but as it goes it becomes little bit rough, At the same time you can see the villagers with loads of weight in their head, barefoot walking to Kodaikanal in great speed, Actually that scene gives you the energy to move faster, After a long trek starts the end of one hill and and the beginning of the other, We are in to lush green forest and there are small tea and coffee estates sideby, One can hear the barking of dogs from the estate. This trek will end at the entry of vellagavi (the wandering souls) the village with about 300 odd people.There is an Murugan temple at the entry of the village , None of the villager's were footwear and most of their names are associated with God (lokashakti,Shiva etc )There is an post office,  anganwaadi in the village . (nursery school) The whole village treats there guests as god.As you go forward towards the village there are acres of land on plantation crops it will keep you awestruck.You can even spend a night there in the anagnvaady,There are small shops in the village which provide tea, cigarettes, biscuits and other food items.There are lots of rice sacks in front of every home and most of the houses do have dogs the nearest town for the villagers is Kodaikanal, We can call them as alienated people but I would like to call them the godly people, You will also feel the same once you come here . I can't say much more about this place, The whole thing you want to do is go there and experience it ,It's really the heaven on the earth with the heavenly people.The village is an epitome of spirituality.

View of vellagavi from the midway of the trek

Photo of Vellagavi - Kodaikanal Trail, Tamil Nadu, India by Naveen Sivaramakrishnan

A home in the village

Photo of Vellagavi - Kodaikanal Trail, Tamil Nadu, India by Naveen Sivaramakrishnan

The village nursery school

Photo of Vellagavi - Kodaikanal Trail, Tamil Nadu, India by Naveen Sivaramakrishnan
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