A venture of Manali

31st Dec 2018
Photo of A venture of Manali by Varun Kanojia

People out there say that we explore ourselves when we go out for an expedition, we get to know ourselves in a more better way. I have been to various places in previous years but this “self-exploration” kinda thing never happened with me. But this time, it was different !! During the pre-planning phase I decided to capture the best things I see which I could not do previously because of the unavailability of proper equipments/resources(Paisa tbh :p). I explored myself, bit by bit when I was taking these shots, I was contemplating on various facts. While capturing I explored myself, got my click and have become confident about my future. This video is an amalgamation of my memories, my observation and my little knowledge about the field(Photography). Well, resultant is quite productive which you’ll see in this video. People say I am not good at words but this video will make them realise, that I might not be good with words but I have got a beautiful sight. Ek choti si koshish meri taraf se, I hope you’ll like it. Special thanks to India Heritage Desk

A venture of manali