Adi Kailash trip in low Budget

13th Jun 2018
Day 1

Aadi Kailash trip has been completed. The journey was completed in June but writing is now over. Friends, I write blogs and the purpose of blog writing is not to earn money for me, but to provide information to those people in their language, where I have gone. But all the information on the internet is available in English. I am not a big stranger and not a big blogger but all of you have been getting support and support. Some travel stories have also been published by the Hindi daily Dainik Jagran, and have also given place in their "travel specialtalk". All this gives energy to the author like me !! Keep moving with you !!

When I was writing a blog of Kailash Travel etc, then it came to the attention of many friends that I should write about the expenses incurred in this journey, so that friends who visit this trip in the future can get an idea. It was a very good thing - because the main part of our journey is the budget. In order to encourage this idea, you will express heartfelt gratitude to all the friends but especially thanks to Mumbai's beloved friend, who has constantly supported his support and support in writing this whole journey.

For the preparations of Kailash Yatra and for the preparations of Kailash Yatra and the more information that is required for the Documents, I have written in the first post of this travelogue, so there is no use to rewrite it all, yes its link was definitely given here. is . The expenditure I am writing is from Delhi to returning to Delhi and if you are coming from anywhere outside of Delhi then it is natural that you will add it yourself. One of the five Kailashs, Kailash's journey is done in two ways: one way is to get package of KMVN and the other is done independently. Talk about both and will talk in detail:

Adi Kailash Yatra - Preaprations Before Start

Kailash Yatra through KMVN: Kumaun Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited (KMVN), every year, organizes Kailash Yatra like Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and raises the full responsibility of this journey. The full description of this is available on their website usually by the end of March but this time it was a little late. The dates of the Kailash journey etc. are in the vicinity of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, but on the day the Kailash Mansarovar yatra passes, there is no group of Kailash passengers. To say that the dates of both visits are around but do not clash because the Kailash passengers and Kailash's pilgrims are to stay at their own guest house in different places during the trip, looking at the place and staff Probably will do this. If traveling through KMVN, you have no problem in getting your stay, food or other permissions. All you have to do is buy their package and pay for the rest, the rest your tension is over. But you will only have to walk.) About 170 kilometers and the money you have given does not include the mule-portter's money. If you have trouble walking and you have to take mule then you will have to pay a separate money in which from Lakhanpur to Budhi village up to 105 rupees per kilometer, from Buddhi to Ganji village up to 109 rupees per kilometer and then further from Om mountain or Kunti village Kuti Gaon And to Kailash (Jolingkang) etc. you have to pay Rs. 110 per kilometer. These figures are not official, they are written on the basis of talking to mules. Porter takes 800 rupees per day. Now see also KMVN's package:

Delhi to Delhi - 17 days - Rs. 40, 500 (forty thousand five hundred rupees) with GST

Kathgodam to Kathgodam - 15 days - Rs. 35, 500 (thirty five thousand five hundred rupees) with GST

Dharchula to Dharchula-12 days - Rs 30, 500 (thirty thousand five hundred rupees) with GST

I think this information is Sufficient! Now you will talk:

I searched for friends on this trip to Facebook, the last of which 12 people reached Dharchula. I went from Ghaziabad (Delhi) to Kathgodam Ranikhet Express (15013). Currently, there are a total of four trains available from Delhi to Kathgodam- 1. New Delhi - Kathgodam Shatabdi Express (12040) 2. Anand Vihar - Lal Kuan Intercity Express (15060) 3 Uttaranchal Contact Kranti Express (15035) and 4 Ranikhet Express! I will not write the time of the trains because tomorrow's time will change if you change the time. You will check the time of the car itself before you walk, I know it! Like I said that I went to Ranikhet Express but Delhi - Anand Vihar is always available to Kathgodam buses!

From Kathgodam - Ranikhet Express from Delhi - Rs. 110

Kathgodam to Almora - Rs. 200

From Pithoragarh - Zap from Almora - Rs. 300

(Had to wait at Pithoragarh Hotel because our train was late)

Pithoragarh Hotel (one night): 500/3 = Rs. 170

Food-rs 300

Dhritula from Pithoragarh - From Jeep - Rs. 200

Spending up to reach Dharchula on the first day: Rs. 1280


Hotels in Dharchula: 500/3 = Rs. 170

Inner Line Permit & Medical - Rs.300

Food - Rs. 400

Second day's expenditure: Rs. 870


From Dharchula to Lucknow (starting point) - from Zap - Rs.180

Tea + Mag between- Rs. 50

Staying at Nyong top at night + food + tea - Rs.150

Third Day Expenses - Rs.380


Tea in Malpa + Parantha - Rs.50

Chhangoo tea + biscuits - Rs.30

Tea in the tea - Rs.10

Tea in Devaraj's shop ahead of marriage - Rs.10

Stay in Buddhi village + food + two time tea - Rs.2200

Expenditure for fourth day - Rs.300


Cold drink in Chiajyod + Maggi - Rs. 70

Tea in Garbayang village - Rs.10

Living in Ganji village + food + breakfast - Rs.350

Fifth day expenditure - Rs.430


Tea in Kalapani - Free of Love (at ITBP Camp) :)

Om mountain (Nahidang) - staying in the filter of Ashok Singh Gunjyal + Food - Rs.150 + 150 + 80 (Tea) - (Tea and Maggi will be different)

Saving kit - Rs. 50

Toffee - Rs.10

Note: We had to stay for two days in Nabhidang because on the first day on the mountain of Om, the sun did not come and we could not see the Om mountain!

Cost of Sixth and Seventh Day - Rs.440


Stay in the Nabi village + food + tea - Rs.370

Eighth day expenses - Rs.370


Tea in Namfa + Parantha - Rs .80

Tea in the village Kuti - Maggi - Rs.150

Stop at Pan Singh ji in Kuti village + food - Rs.2200

Ninth day's expenditure - Rs.430


Etc. in Kailash (Joulingong)

Eating food in Maan Singh ji + staying - Rs.250

Tea + Maggi (twice) - Rs .120

Tenth Day Expenses - Rs.370


Returning to Halkariya Dhar

Tea - Rs.10

Tea in Kuti village (twice) - Rs.20

Stay + food - Rs. 250

Expenditure of 11th day - Rs.280


Returning tea in tea - Samosa - Rs. 30

Tea + Maggi in Chhiyala - Rs. 60

Living in Buddhi village + food + tea - Rs.2200

Twelfth Day Expenditure - 290


Tea in Returning Devraj's Choice - Rs.10

Tea + rice in Malpa - Rs. 60

Cold drink in Lakhanpur + Maggi - Rs 80

Dharchula Jeep from Lucknow - Rs.250

Hotels in Dharchula - Rs. 500/2 = Rs.250

Food in Dharchula - Rs.250

13th Day Expenses - Rs. 900


Hotels in Dharchula - Rs. 500/3 = Rs. 170

Food - Rs. 500

Expenditure of 14th day - Rs. 670


Returning from Dhartula with Pithoragarh jeep - Rs.2200

Kathgodam from Pithoragarh (via Danya) from alto - Rs.700

Food - Rs.2200

From Kathgodam to Ghaziabad Train - Rs.1100

House Auto from Ghaziabad Station - Rs.1100

15th Day Expenses - Rs.1300


Now the total expenditure of these fifteen days: = Rs. 8310

Apart from this, the purchase of karchula, which was purchased by the sweet sweets and no dry accounting of the fruits and salted biscuits was taken from the house. All these are expenses which depend on you. I hope you have got a big idea of ​​the expenses of Kailash travel etc.

Now you must be thinking that where the KMVN is taking from Rs. 40, 500 to Delhi and where we traveled in less than ten thousand, and one day on the Om mountain, Xtra stops while the KMVN passengers mind After seeing without seeing it, the Om had to return from the mountain as their schedule is fixed, but it is not that if we have spent less money then you start thinking like this !! KMVN has its own guest house, which has excellent arrangements for stopping and eating. But if you can not spend more money like me but they want to travel ... can walk a lot .... can withstand some difficulties ... can adjust the situation right from the .... In the condition you can keep a smile on the face ... then what is the wait? On this beautiful and religious journey of Kailash etc. that will enthrall your romance!