Advantages Of A Volunteer Trip That No One's Gonna Tell You!

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Have you volunteered abroad before?

Was it a solo venture or with a group?

For a few, this may be perplexing, but as you continue with the article you’ll understand the relevance. In order to make things a little clearer and easier to understand, let us discuss what is considered to be one of the oldest debates in the world of traveling - Which is better - group traveling or solo traveling?

Just like any other thing, even these two genres of traveling have their equal shares of pros and cons. However, what we mostly find or get to read about is how solo traveling is the best way to travel abroad. There are a number of articles and travelogues that inspire and recommend to take solo trips (and wisely so). I, however, thought of looking at the other side of the coin.

I am a solo backpacker myself, but have had the opportunity to travel with my travel doppelgangers at times as well.

While, most of my expeditions have been solo trips, volunteering abroad in a group has been an equally rewarding and exciting venture in it’s own ways.

It’s Cost Effective

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When volunteering abroad in a group, the only expense that one has to bear individually is the airfare (to and fro) and the program fee. While the program fee covers all the major expenses of traveling; viz., accommodation and meals, the rest of it can be divided within the group. Weekend excursions, local trips, eating out, and other travel activities can turn out to be way cheaper than what you would have paid if you’d have done it solo. Also, when traveling in a group, there are various lucrative offers that you can avail; making the entire trip more profitable.

It Makes You Feel Safer In An Unknown Country

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Isn’t it always good to have someone who’s got your back? Especially, when you are traveling to a new place, with an unknown lifestyle and cultural nuances. A sense of safety and assurances comes automatically when you travel around with a bunch of your friends. This is beneficial for travelers with medical history, as their friends would know what would help if any critical condition arises. Also, traveling in group reduces the chances of getting mugged or robbed when exploring the local markets.

It Adds A New Chapter To Your Friendship

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Defining friendship is tough; may be impossible!

But, for the sake of it, in the most normal terms, friends are a set of like-minded people who share a common interest and can be put into the category of an extended family. As friends, we do and live some of the best moments of our lives. All the way from school pranks, to college relationships, to job frustrations, and it just goes on and on for the lifetime. Volunteering abroad with friends allows us to witness another side of each other as a person. Doing something meaningful and noble to make several lives better; it creates a sense of respect for each other. It is a new chapter that adds to the many wonderful stories of a friendship.

It Helps Expanding Your Friend Circle

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Volunteering abroad is a platform for like-minded people to come together for a good cause. This can be a unique opportunity to meet several other groups from different parts of the world who share the same thoughts; at least when it comes to traveling abroad. Share your stories and learn about their country, culture, lifestyle, and more.

The debate about which of the two ways of traveling is better might remain for ages to come, but one thing is clear as a crystal that each has their own set of extraordinary experiences to offer. You might have experienced traveling solo a lot of time, but now, it’s time to take your gang along for that much anticipated volunteer trip abroad.