Why go solo Backpacking #FreedomTrip

28th Aug 2021
Day 1


In this world of 7.5 billion characters the most important character/personality is you. And Backpacking  Introduces you to that unique character in you.

Traveling and Backpacking with friends is fun and we all have good times with our dear ones. But the quest of Solo Travel is an experience and education that no school teaches you.

1. Know who you are?

All our lives at some point of time we are shadows, Shadows of someone’s approach,behavior,achievement,talent and everything that other people are. But every individual in this universe is unique and traveling solo challenges you and lets you experience the wonders of your being.

I never knew that passion was more powerful than an engineering degree and it took me a few solo backpacking trips to sail out to my dream life fueled by my passion and leave behind the fancy Engineering Job at a Transformer plant.

2) Make more friends

In the rush between office & home we miss out on our old friends and don’t have time to make new ones. While Traveling/Backpacking. we meet a lot of people with similar mind-set and a friendship made here is real and doesn’t know discrimination.

While traveling in a group you might be contained of your own group and may not interact with a lot of people.

Kumar is one of my dearest friends in southern India (Hampi) whom I met when I went backpacking for a week. Kumar is a bus driver and the coolest motor-head I know.

Read about Kumar Here: https://thegokulblog.com/2018/09/17/kumar-a-brother-in-south/

3) Live the dynamic Culture

One of the major aspects of Backpacking is to live the dynamic culture that this world has to offer and meet more people.

Surprising yourself with the new ways of life so beautiful that can only be enjoyed when you go out of your comfort zone with an open heart to explore it all and understand that there is no place as bad as they say.

I made a family in Lahaul & Spiti when I spent 3 days with them helping in their organic farm and also got to learn recipes of few delicious Himalayan Cuisine.

Read about by Lahaul Backpacking trip here: https://thegokulblog.com/2018/06/07/tandi-village-lahoul/

4) Learn to take charge of your own life

In life or while traveling taking your own decisions makes you stronger, confident and lets you discover where exactly your interest lies. After high-school a lot of people go backpacking and reflect on themselves and what they want to do in life and I love the idea. As if we look around in society everyone wants to have what their neighbor has or try to be who they look up to.

Backpacking solo lets you discover what makes you happy and gives you the confidence to follow your dreams and make decisions based on who you are and lets you know it is okay not to have what everyone else has and not to be what everyone else is.

While in a trip with your friends when everyone wants to go to that dope concert, you might just want to enjoy the sunset with some good music on your phone, and that’s what you’d do when you travel solo and that fulfilling happiness will inspire you to take decisions in life on what makes you feel happy.

5) Get out of your comfort zone

The longer you are in your comfort zone the longer you are missing out on something new.

Walking the unknown streets solo and being out there on your own is an adventure you must opt for in life because all the best things in life are beyond our comfort zone and if we were meant to born and live our entire life at the same place we would have roots .