AGUMBE... A Heaven....

13th Jul 2021
Day 1


       This is the only destination we feel "Heaven on Earth" this place is located in Shimoga district via Thirthahalli, Manglore highway. I literally love this destination because of it flora and fauna and a picturesque nature, there is a lot of unexplored places where peoples from city and metropolitan never visited. Also it surround's with nature filled with secrets. Also the serial "Malgudi Days" directed by "Shankarnag" is shooted in the main city of Agumbe, it is also the favourite show of "Malnad" Peoples only because of Agumbe and its culture. "Agumbe" is a pride of "Malnad" and will be the same forever...

              Every year the carnival is conducted in the name of lord "Gopalakrishna" and Bakth's from my native place visit to praise and have darshan of lord "Gopalakrishna" and pull the chariot on service for god. When i was young there is not much facilities available but nowadays there is lot of "Homestays" in and arround Agumbe and there is more Restaurant options available.

           A best time to visit "Agumbe" is winter and rainy season, to have a misty and foggy experience. One who loves "Nature" and "Malnad" will really love this destination for sure.

Note: my native is called "Malnad" or "Male Nadu" because 'Male= Mountain 'Nadu=Destination/Place.. A place where mountains and the nature resides is "Malnad" or "Malenadu"

       Please feel free to comment more about Agumbe if anyone knows more information than me.

Thank you

Lone Traveler
Shripad Dhananjay.

Photo of Agumbe by Shripad Dhananjay