Almora Locals 200+ year old

19th Nov 2019
Photo of Almora Locals 200+ year old by Shravan Yadav

After spending 3 days in Nainital, our plan is to wander Almora next. There we have friends and a friend's wedding. In this region there is everyday marriage nowdays. So as per locals there are 2 buses from Nainital to Almora. One at 6.30 AM and other at 7 AM. So we prepared ourselves for 19 Nov morning bus at 7 AM. We woke up at 5.45 AM. We have not taken bath in this cold but done the other routine work. Suddenly the hotel owner informed us that 7 AM bus is cancelled because it has some marriage booking. So at 6.25 AM we were informed. We have already packed the stuff last night. I was doing brush at that time. We took our baby and then walking to bus. Luggage was already taken care by hotel people. We got the bus on time.

Day 1

Now we are in bus. Moving to Bhowali. So Bhowali is central hub for connecting Haldwani-Nainital-Almora. There is T point road which connects all three. The conductor gave us for ticket 250 per person. So we objected that we will be going till Almora only. Then he took Rs 90 per person. The view from bus is so beautiful. The journey itself is very beautiful. I can't click some pics because I am in public transport. It does not stop anywhere.

The bus was going to Pithoragarh and it dropped me at Karbala T point. From there I called my friend. While taking to her, I got one shared jeep that dropped to me at hotel Savoy in Almora.

After reaching the hotel we took bath and she invited for breakfast. Her house is in main market of Almora. The main market where Nanda Devi temple is present. You can see the Himalayas for here.

View from Hotel Savoy

Photo of Almora, Uttarakhand, India by Shravan Yadav

Zooming for Himalayas

Photo of Almora, Uttarakhand, India by Shravan Yadav

We have done breakfast. Oh before moving to breakfast, the road to her house was amazing. So just beside the hotel there is primary school and in that school there is an orange tree. I have seen first time in my life real orange tree with Oranges on them. We have to took stairs to reach the Thana Bazaar Road (which is the name of main market road). And After seeing the stairs it reminded be of Kung Fu Panda 1st part where Panda sees his biggest enemy Stairs. Same for us. You have seen my pics in Nainital trips. We are not fit and stairs are worse for us. We climbed up the cemented stairs. And after reaching the top we can hear our own heart pumping very fast. It was a good cardio. Then I called her to know exact location of her house. She said it is now in plains but you have to walk a lot. We were like "okaaay". We started moving forward.

Now I know the secret of fitness for local people here. We reached her house. Her house was around 150+ more year old. Actually the whole market is around that much old. Again in her house there are stairs but these stairs are less in count but very high in height. Again our biggest enemy. We met her and her all relatives are there. Maternal uncles and aunties. One uncle washed his hand with hot tea. We did our breakfast. We were hungry after climbing a lot of Stairs. So we were discussing that we were coming from Nainital and now planned to go these places. I have my plans well written in Notepad in mobile. They said Nanda Devi temple is just nearby. Go visit that anytime. I was like no cab needed. wow.

Some more friends are coming in evening because there is Sangeet function which is going to happen. So after breakfast we went for Nanda Devi temple through the whole market. Savoy hotel is at one end of market and Nanda Devi temple is at other end. We walked almost whole market. I just started calculating my calories burn. 1.5KM up + 1.5KM down =3KM total.

Thana Bazaar Almora

Photo of Thana Bazaar Almora, Thana Bazar Road, Khazanchi Mohalla, Thana Bazar, Dharanaula, Almora, Uttarakhand, India by Shravan Yadav

View from my friend's house roof

Photo of Thana Bazaar Almora, Thana Bazar Road, Khazanchi Mohalla, Thana Bazar, Dharanaula, Almora, Uttarakhand, India by Shravan Yadav

At Nanda Devi temple, many students were there with chart and drawing pencils. Not to sketch the temple but studying the Almora market. As I said the market was around 150+ year old but it is 200+ year old. And the market still in good shape with old houses. So architect students come here to study it. Many students were there drawing the length and breadth of each shop. Market was big. So a group of students are drawing one part of market. They were all here from Mumbai and talking in Marathi. Apparently my wife understands and talks Marathi. She talked to them and we got to know about what they are doing here.

Smiles at Nanda Devi temple

Photo of Nanda devi Mandir, Unnamed Road, Dharanaula, Almora, Uttarakhand, India by Shravan Yadav

We came back from Temple and done the lunch again at Friends house. There we enjoyed Kappa which is local pahadi food. After lunch we left for hotel and slept there. We were awake since early morning. We slept until 5PM in evening. Few more joined us in hotel and we started getting ready for Sangeet. We left hotel at 6.15PM and again going through our biggest enemy Stairs and reached the venue at 6.30PM. The Sangeet was going on. Her cousins were giving their performances. Our friend the bride performance was still to happen. The food was awesome at Sangeet. There was Chowmin, Momos, Chaat, Golgappe, Besan-Chila and Chholey Bhature. In desert there were Icecream, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi with Rabadi. And the food was awesome. Apart from Golgappe which were less spicy rest of food was very tasty. After talking we got know that the caterer was the best in Almora. And the taste of food says it all.

Bride Dance was over. Then all group dance was over. We also participated in group dance. All enjoyed a lot.

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Family Pic on Sangeet

Photo of Thana Bazaar Almora, Thana Bazar Road, Khazanchi Mohalla, Thana Bazar, Dharanaula, Almora, Uttarakhand, India by Shravan Yadav