Lord of the Mountain

Photo of Lord of the Mountain by Vibhu Anand Singh
Day 1

Have you ever wondered whenever we go somewhere higher in the Himalayan region we either find Shivling / Trishul or a few stones referring directly to Lord Shiva? Is it by coincidence or due to faith in people or is he the actual mountain god? because there are places where the Shivling has appeared out of nowhere directly from the ground.

Some say he is a myth some worship him as a god but what I think of him is something beyond my explanation. I am neither a very religious person nor an atheist but the only energy I feel around is Shiv; it is nothing but at the same time the foundation of our existence.

People debate about religion, being a Hindu or a Muslim or even Christian, but in actuality what are we? What were we when none of our ancestors knew about religion? Were we non-existential? Or even back then we were born with a religion? It's complex. As you dig deep in your mind you will start getting questions to your answers. Questions to those answers you were made to believe as facts ever since you were born. Then only you will realize the deeper meaning of life. We take birth with unlimited possibilities to our life, it's up to us what we make out of it.

Photo of Triund Trek by Vibhu Anand Singh