If You Are Always Lost In Thoughts, You Need To Travel With This Simple Hack


There are so many times when you look at something and marvel over it for a long time! The adventures that I have taken made me cross paths with a lot of people who had their own set of thoughts and ideas. These ideas always left me wondering as to why this or that happens or simply how it happens!

I carry a diary with me wherever I go so that I can save postcards, slips, tags or boarding passes that I collect on my travels. It comes out to be quite easy to go through whenever I want to recall a trip – all I have to do is go through this book and have a happy time lost in memories.

However, the idea that I came up with isn't just related to collecting information while travelling, it's generally for everything that makes you curious. So, I decided to name it, 'The Book Of Curiosity'. Simple enough, all you've got to do is to jot down anything and everything that makes you question, that makes you curious! Write in the questions as they come to you and at the end of the day, or probably the month, you could find their answers! It's pretty easy and will pep up your knowledge about things that go around you, as well as what people are up to.

To make your book a warrior in itself, follow these rules!

1. Make sure your diary or jotter is small and handy

You don't want to be hanging around the slopes of a hill with a really heavy backpack, thinking of ditching your weight as you go on. THAT cannot happen. So make sure it's a nice little piece of writing that you'd love to grab out of your rucksack whenever, wherever.

2. Glue your tickets to the pages!

Boarding passes, slips or bills... anything that's easy to just fall out of your diary while you open it. There was this one time where I put in leaves and flowers in the pages of my diary. One day when I opened it in a bus, they were dried up and flew all over the place! I wish I had preserved them better than just putting them in between pages. If you stick your passes, they'll always stay there; easy to access and difficult to lose! Memories of yesteryear's!

3. Write about things that enhance your curiosity

...and not just random thoughts (keep a separate diary for that; I have one too). Let me give you an example. When I went to Kashmir, I was really interested in how houseboats are made and how wooden carvings are done so intricately. Not just their wooden carvings, but also what their local embroidery is called. So I noted everything down, and whenever I did get the time; I googled about it and wrote it in that diary. You can also ask the locals, instead of relying on Google for all your information. I prefer asking locals directly, it's much more authentic!

In this way, I collected some amount of local information about the place that I was visiting. Very often, I write down the words or phrases locally used in the area and practice them by using them in my spoken language. Cool right? Practice it! Julley!

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4. You are the story teller in this diary

If you meet someone on a mission; it could be a teacher, a monk or a soldier, click a picture with them, get a hard copy of the photograph whenever you are back home and paste it in the diary with a little write up.

There was a monk from Bodhgaya in my train compartment, who was very, very interesting in his attire and I just could not help but start a conversation with him. I wish I would have taken a picture of him and stuck it onto my diary, so I could have shown the world what made me so fascinated with him. Nobody should miss out on key moments.

5. Keep a count of your souvenirs!

Write in your book, what souvenir you picked up on your last trip and why. This helps in keeping a count of the things that you collected from each city. Make a separate box for these souvenirs, but keep a count in this diary. Every souvenir has a story, keep yours fresh and alive!

6.The Book Of Curiosity is sacred

...because it contains the answers to all your thoughts and imaginations. Even our unconscious self knows questions that need to be addressed – make it a habit to explore, to dream, to discover and then marvel at your answers.

So, keep this sacred piece of love, protected. Imagine, after 10 years when you come across this book, you'll be surprised to find how magnanimous you were in your thinking. It's your own travel companion, your own bible.

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So this was the idea of 'The Book Of Curiosity' and it'll be such a fantastic invention for fellow curious souls like me, who wander on the streets of this universe always looking out for stories and things to know. There is so much out there in this world, to do and to see and there's just so little time. So let this be a hint for you, to channel the bug-eyed nature of yours to never stop questioning!

And as I leave you to be with your own book of curiosity, I write down this in mine...
"If I had all the money in the world, where would I live?".....
Trust me, the list is really long!
Where do we start from?

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