#SwipeRightToTravel. (An escape)

From the past few days i was a little lost , stressed and depressed to the level that i was feeling choked. An escape is all i wanted and so i took an off from the city life , by the side of a river , to just sit and think about everything going wrong , all my broken dreams and all those broken promises . To find some peace.
And then while i was sitting lost in my own world , a boy almost around 12 years old , bumped into me and fell . He was blind . I dropped him off to his room and happened to meet all his friends . It was a "School for Blind".

And i was lucky to spend my day with them , To soak in their positivity , to learn from them . Talking to them, I realised how foolish i am , wasting my time over people and emotions , crying over things that won't matter in future and there they were , smiling through all the odds . Living life to the fullest . They actually taught me what life means . It's all about accepting and making the most of it . There they were, playing cricket , laughing, happy and i ? I was sitting and lamenting some things i lost in life ?
The conversation i had with them , i felt that i have to learn a lot about life ,i know nothing . I know nothing about hardships and struggles . I am a spoiled and pampered child and i haven't looked at the world in the same way . I have eyes but they know the world better. They are happy and content with what they have . They made me sit for hours , talking about life , their daily schedule and not even once did i feel that they were not happy with not having , a vision.
They are far beyond perfect . I found my inspiration and i found my way .
They gave me a direction .
This short trip turned out be a life changing trip of my life and now i am back to my city , more positive and more determined , all thanks to those little angels i met .
Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Neha Bajaj
Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Neha Bajaj
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