And She Will Soon Embark on her First Journey


She cribbed and howled her lungs out when all she wanted was a breather from her mundane existence, but was tied down - to school, college, family responsibilities and then endless presentations and writing assignments to achieve her targets. Every time she thought that this is it, I am done with acting in the normal conduct, innately she wished to run down the lane of her house, with a desire to be never found again. "Probably that will be my trip, an quintessential saga that will soothe my pain."

Every time the clock ticked on her head, she wouldn't notice - how would she! She was always lost daydreaming of her trips that she never took, hills she never climbed, valleys from where she never plucked flowers and so on. People considered her to be a lost case, whimsical dainty queen, if you will, the one who had her magical castles only to be destroyed.

But one day, something pinched her at the wrong place. Those words came fluttering like an arrow, piercing her heart. "Don't you think, its simple. Its one life, and you need to learn how to seize it. The more authority you give to others, the more they dictate you. Don't you feel suffocated killing your dreams?"

Probably then it struck here that she is not going to live on the mercy of others. That life is mundane since you are not doing anything about it. That your travel goals will always be your bucket list, rotting away to stale stench of death unless you complete it.

And hence she embarked on HER first journey ever. She found the courage that died long back revived to dream on her own. Compromising goals is the worst death one can give to their dreams. Experience the thrill of your senses racing up and down while you travel through the rocky terrain, who's dream kept you on your toes.

Travel, for life. Not for Facebook Check-Ins.