Bestie’s Marriage Trip #ShadyHotel

10th Oct 2019
Photo of Bestie’s Marriage Trip #ShadyHotel by Meenakshi
Day 1

It was my bestie’s wedding the next day and myself and husband boarded the plane to Bhuvaneshwar with lot of excitement. I remember I had the biggest smile on my face all day long.

Little did I know , it was going to turn into a nightmare very soon.

Photo of Bestie’s Marriage Trip #ShadyHotel by Meenakshi
Day 2

So we landed in Bhuvaneshwar at about 11 pm. It was end of January and quite cold outside. We were to stay the night in the city to begin our journey to a small village next day morning where the marriage was being being held .

We reached Oyo hotel by 12:30 and to our shock we were told that they never received any booking from us. To top this , the receptionist was drunk and the entire hotel was full of baratis, also drunk by the way. All hell broke loose and me and husband started fight in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. Husband is pakka Tamilian with no knowledge of Hindi, so the whole responsibility of dealing with people was on me.

We took auto and started our search for hotel but one after the other they told us that they were fully booked. This was a second bomb dropped on us. Apparently it was marriage season and next day there was a railway examination due to this most hotels were running full. We even enquired 5 start hotels but it was in vain . Tired and with no help we stayed in airport for couple of hours after which Oyo arranged a stay in a nearby hotel.

The place was shady and bedroom had a different feel to it , if you know what I mean. It Did not seem like a family hotel. There was no other guest at our floor which was the scary part and we were told that they usually don’t let out this room to any guest. That was enough to spook us. But something better than nothing , we retired to the room and spent the next few hours relaxing there.

We started our journey to the village next morning .

Inspire of what happened, this marriage became most memorable. Bestie , her relatives , husband , all chit chatted through the night about it and in doing so made a connection.

Lessons learned :

1. Always double check your booking before arriving at the destination

2. Give Oyo a second thought.

3. If with family, try arriving early so that in case of mishaps, you have ample of time to make up for it.