Dérive Nepal

Photo of Dérive Nepal by Riddhi Shah
Day 1

Every trip I took leaned me over more trips. This one specifically turned it into my passion. Sometimes nothing gets you a lot. Gazing across Nepal was an exquisite experience. Two cities, two habitation, five days and five experiences in my first attempt.

Universal repayment 

Apparently first day did not turn out as planned. That's where I met my deepest craving for a solo trip and only universe was well versed with the desire. Weather played a remarkable role in setting up delayed flight, missing the next and book a stay within an hour for survival. 

PS: Survived successfully around strangers, breaking through my anxiety. With minimal language barrier.

Treasures of peace

Photo of Zostel Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal by Riddhi Shah
Day 2

Untraveled path

From earlier day's adventure, to avoid any further miss outs me and my travel buddy decided to take out some time and have a detailed go through the routes for shift in homes. In the process of finding ways we happen to take different route way back. Little did we know that three minute long trail of fireflies was awaiting our way.

The warm host and an eye pleasing firefiles show tempted me to unviel the secrets of the days ahead

Surrounding says it all

Photo of Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal by Riddhi Shah
Day 1

Signs of every decision made right

Photo of Dérive Nepal by Riddhi Shah
Day 3

Leap of faith

The day arrived where we were ready to do millennial things to enrich our hearts and social media. Jumping off with a stranger without second thought to have different perspective and understanding of the process to run(here it is fly) against all odds. We weren't done yet, so decided to treat ourselves with a bike ride across local streets. The most talked Himalayan Java chip was cherry on top <3. Also money was splurged at the speed of its existence.

Strange things

Photo of Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal by Riddhi Shah
Day 4

Day 4: Local delight

Lack of means to exchange compelled us to leave the luxury behind and take the local delight. Yes, to save a bit we took public transport. Untill this day it in our impression that beings around are humble and giving, but as it is said variety is a spice of life. This ride was the typical one, having being mislead by the conductor making a delay of an hour in our schedule made us run around untill we could depart the city owned by Phewa lake named Pokhara.

World peace pagoda

Photo of World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini Sanskritik, Nepal by Riddhi Shah
Day 5

Day 5: City lights

Like what goes around comes around we ended our journey where it started, the spiritual city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Travelling by foot in an unexplored city is a transition within itself. Every lane had its beauty, which was across the wide stretch of concrete around embassies to cringed path ways of local market reflecting the variance and beauty of human civilization around the city. With all the spiritual vibes surrounded we ended our trip with a new bag of experiences.

Spirits to be bagged

Photo of Maison de Kathmandu Handmade Select Shop, Kathmandu, Nepal by Riddhi Shah

Take away from this gaze is – break your anxieties and you could do wonders. I would like to tribute this wonderful travel experience to my travel companion Sonam Jain.