Don't forget to pack these while Island Hopping Day Tours!


While you may have pre-decided the perfect pair of clothes for this dreamy day, you may have charged your phone and camera batteries to the fullest, and you may also have your excitement levels on it's peak. As much as it sounds exciting to go on a day tour to island/islands, it is very essential to carry the needful things to not let your excitement doom!

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Add these to the list NOW, if it's not on your's!

1. Sunscreen: Salt in the Air, Sun on the Head! Save the skin damage from the scorching tropical sun. Get a sunblock which locks the moisture and protects your skin from the glare of the sun.

2. Beach Mats: Being the Lazy Beach Bum while your eyes capture the breathtaking beauty of the island, will need you to spread the beach mat and lay on it forever! Did you say a HAMMOCK? I say even better!

3. Seasickness pills: While the sea sickness may hit really hard to a few, and not at all to others. Preparing in advance for this helps. Consult your doctor before hand or pack some anti-nausea pills.

4. Water-proof bags: Protect your cell phones, currency notes, or anything essential is water-proof pouches you may source before hand or you may find it the local stores before boarding.

5. Change of clothes: A pair of clothes handy for a quick change would be a safe and a brilliant idea for any uncalled for situation.