Ever Wanted To Live In A Cave? These Stunning Hotels Will make Your Dream Come True.

16th Mar 2019

It's a survivalist's dream – find a cave, and call it home. And to be fair, people have been doing from times immemorial as far as the humans history is dated. Although the caves were home to primate population of the ancient times but the tradition of staying in caves isn’t dead yet for the for cavers, subterranean night dwellers and anyone looking for something beyond mundane.

Photo of Ever Wanted To Live In A Cave? These Stunning Hotels Will make Your Dream Come True. 1/1 by Shalbha Sarda

Built into the rock of the mountains, away from humming roads and bleeping notifications caving or spelunking is trending as cave-cations today. Ranging From uber luxuries to pure basic there are a multitude of spectacular caves to stay around the world for travelers who feel bored from the regular four walls of a hotel room on a vacation.

Grand Canyon caves, U.S.A - They are “largest, deepest dry caverns in the United States on route 66. They can be accessed only through an elevator. The caves are located 200 feet below the surface of the ground but the 70 feet high ceiling does not give a feeling of confinement in these caves. President John F. Kennedy turned these 65-million-year old caves into a bomb shelter to accommodate 2,000 people during the Cuban missile crisis. Today, the Cavern Suite, is the the cave's largest room, luxuriously furnished with a plush bed, sofa, kitchenette, bathroom, tables, and chairs. The water is hand carried down and up by staff. There are tour groups that pass by every 30 minutes during the day and Once the last tour is gone the guests have the cave to themselves without any connection to the outside world but the elevator.

Location- Address: AZ-66, Peach Springs, AZ 86434, USA

Price- around 100$/Night


Cappadocian Cave Hotels, Turkey- The semi-arid Anatolia region in central Turkey is studded with rock formations fairy chimneys and caves. These caves had served as a refuge for early Christians. Nowadays, many of them have been converted into hotels in the area of Uchisar and Goreme. There are plenty of options to choose from but no matter where you stay, you’ll likely be thrilled, as nearly all the hotels and suites are a melding of the historic and contemporary, natural and manmade, and comfortable and elegant The area offers many adventure activities such as hiking, horseback riding, hot air balloon, and ATV tours.

Photo of Cappadocia Cave, Nevsehir/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Turkey by Shalbha Sarda

Location- Cappadocia, Turkey

Price- 100$/Night

Sala Silvermine, Sweden- this erstwhile silver mine is the deepest hotel room in the world dating back to hundreds of years. At 500 feet in the world the eerie suite can accommodate just two people and can be accessed only through a mine lift shaft. The place is cold damp and dark. Amidst winding tunnels and deep cavities, the dark chamber features a double bed surrounded by three rock walls, silver furnishings candles, seating and little else. The bizarre place attracts people looking to really get away from everything worldly.

Location- Drottning Christinas väg, 733 36 Sala, Sweden

Price- starting from 100$/ night

Website- https://www.salasilvergruva.se/

Cuevas el Guindas, Spain- Around 250 miles from Madrid in the Almeria Province lies Cuevas el Guindas. Between the banks of the river of Baza, these caves date back to the Muslim era. While Many of the caves have been destroyed by erosion but some have been made into homes and tourist lodgings. The place has the facility of a kitchen, tiled bathrooms and a fireplace. Outside there are various shaded terraces and seating areas around the swimming pool. Explore the vicinity on a bicycle or drive down to the beautiful city of Granada just over an hour away while staying here.


Location- Camino de Oria O de Baza, s/n, 18800 Baza, Granada, Spain

Price- 150$/night

Website- http://www.cuevaelguindas.es/english_33.html

Star Wars Hotel Sidi Idriss, Tunisia- Located about 40 kilometers from the oasis of Gabes in the small Berber village of Matamata, Tunisia this hotel should be on the must-do list of every star wars fan. Not only the place is a set of the film but also an introduction to the culture of the nomadic people of Tunisia. The traditional troglodyte caves are set in a rugged and arid environment. The hotel is open all year round and can accommodate a maximum of 145 guests in 20 rooms at a very affordable rate. The whole place is grouped into four separate caverns. The fifth pit is a hotel restaurant. Hotel Sidi Driss allows you to experience life underground in your own private grotto. The main reception is connected to the guestrooms via a series of echoing corridors and a circular courtyard. The earthen walls regulate the temperature throughout the hotel to maintain a comfortable environment for guests. The room rates also include a traditional breakfast each morning in the dining room.

Location- Matmatat-Al-Qadimal, Tunisia

Price- starting from 10$/ night

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas- Located in the Ozark Mountains, close to the Buffalo National River, The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is a living cavern transformed into a high-end retreat. Adventurous guests can reach the lodge via crazy curvy country roads perfect for any Mario Cart enthusiast, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could always take the helicopter in because they have a helipad. For real. The lodge provides an opportunity to experience the feeling of living in a cave in a most luxurious way. The exclusive 6,000 sq. ft. living space within the Cliff side even has its own waterfall. The place offers four luxurious bedrooms to sleep eight people in all. The lodge bedrooms have their own showers built into the rock and are sumptuously furnished with the all modern amenities including a 75 inch LED to gaze at. And when you feel like taking a break from the exposed walls of the cavern and hanging stalactites, you can do fishing, grilling, and canoeing in the pond as you look out onto the incredible bluff. Rock climbing, nature trail and horse riding are some other adventure activities you can experience during your stay.

Location- Parthenon, AR 72666, USA

Price- 1600$/night

Website- http://beckhamcave.com/

Les Hautes Roches, France- Located on a tufa cliff overlooking the meandering Loire these caves were once inhabited by monks and now are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Staying at the caves of Les Hautes Roches is an experience to remember. The setting of each room is exceptional. The caves are furnished from the furniture carved out from rocks and decorated with stylish fabrics in perfect harmony with the place. There are 12 cave rooms in all. The gourmet restaurant serves classical but creative Breton-inspired cuisine that perfectly marries the fresh seafood with local products.

Location- 86 Quai de la Loire, 37210 Rochecorbon, France


Website- http://www.leshautesroches.com/

Grotte Della Civita, Matera, Italy- Carved out in gigantic lime rocks these abandoned ancient caves of Basilicata village are restored to a perfect cave hotel. The setting of the caves is medieval with 18 rooms in all and a rock-hewn church . Breakfast and dinner are served in the abandoned cave church. The caves face the spectacular Murgia park and has become popular among tourist looking for a romantic getaway

Location- Via Civita, 28, 75100 Matera MT, Italy


Website- http://legrottedellacivita.sextantio.it/en/

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