Travelling beyond sculptures... Faces speaks for itself

9th Apr 2016
Photo of Travelling beyond sculptures... Faces speaks for itself by Rahul Chandran
Day 1
The next time you think you are unlucky go to north india. When i say north india I'm not talking about the fast pace cities were no one got time even to spare for their own kids, i am talking about the so called gaav (villages).

Its not a rare scenario were you see kids take spanners and tea pots while they should be having a kite in their hand.

You could depict the life of a human from the face. Faces never lie, the face of a gaav is not chubby its filled with pain and experiences. Maturity is not in accordance with the age here but with all those bitter experiences, experiences that we might not even cross in our life. I have seen kids walk with big vessels that has double the size of their body. I have seen kids go to work in industries by changing their age only to feed his small sister.

When people gets divided with religion, money and region, they never think there are people who never give up hope, who fights life with nothing but willpower, who values truth over money.

I've seen kids who enviously looking at the parental love given to kids of his own age while he need to guide his blind mother.

I have seen the spark in the eyes of a kid when i gave him a biscuit and the same kid ran with it and gave it to his younger sister. The happiness you seen in their face would give you a pain inside, a pain that you will carry throughout the life.

Faces depicts story, real traveller should see the life behind every face, make those faces smile atleast once, that moment would be the best thing that you will remember rather than the age old forts and pillars.

Read the face... Make someone smile... Be friends with those face.. Then you wouldn't complain about your life cause your life had already become worth.....