Kolkata, Night life and dance bars.

12th Mar 2017
Photo of Kolkata, Night life and dance bars. by Rahul Chandran
Day 2

Dance bar is a common concept nowadays in india, but for me it was the first time.
For those who don't know what a dance bar, in simple words it is a bar where dancers will be performing dance infront of a crowd who are high on their senses. 

Obviously i used to drink but i haven't drank before some ladies who with a bad fate need to perform before such a high society of educated fools who are intoxicated by alcohol as well as a female body.

We came to kolkata on holi to enjoy the holiday's we got after a long month of work at the project site, and i am writing this after getting high so kindly pardon my linguistic mistakes.

Me and my senior came here just a day before holi so we asked our service engineer  who used to come here in kolkata on every weekend. He directed us to go to the dance bar near our hotel. 

It's a first time experience for me and my senior. As soon as we enter the place two guys greated us and gave a front row seating. After that another guy came with a bundle of ten rupee notes worth around 1000inr.  The main agenda is to contribute this money to those dancer's who we liked the most.  The funny thing is the ten rupee note worth thousand bucks is actually less than 800inr.  

One guy will be there with us inorder to distribute the money to the dancers.  Since we were for the first time we were a little bit nervous (even though we didn't show that to them).

Four shots of whiskey were served on our table which is a compulsory shot(2shots each for person).

I never had a good mood to drink infront of such a crowd or you could say i was literally seeing only a feel of pain on their face and they covered that pain with a veil of fake smile and some naughty gestures.  So i just started to observe the dancers and people around me. Those who were high started to throw money over the dancers and the dancers started to show more of their talent towards the people who gave them money.  But every time someone throw money at them their face showed a typical pain. A pain that they need to cover up to meet their ends. 

Obviously we had two pegs of whiskey each and spend a little bit of money on the dancers and the singer who sang even better than profesionals.

Next day our service engineer joined us and took us with him to the same bar.  Even though we had no intrest we gave him company. As usual greatings, two pegs each and bundle of ten rupee notes came to our table.  I was literally sitting there half minded and after my shots i just gone to the other section of the bar where young girls of 20's where performing.  Every one of them where even more beautiful than bollywood hotshot actresses. They were wearing sarees in a way that exposes almost every part of their body. They bend over before us, takes a quick turn showing their backside they give us a naughty smile. Among them my glace got stuck with a princess. Obviously she was beautiful but what i saw was a pain on her eyes.  She shows an intolerance towards herself. Everone where slashing bundles of note over her.  But everytime when someone showers her with notes she wasn't looking happy but she was literally crying from inside,  its true that you cannot hide anything cause your face is a mirror that reflects what is there inside you.  When someone approached her with flirt talks she gave a fake smile and the face get dull after that.

But she controls her emotions to her atmost.  Time to time she glances at me , she might be thinking why i am not raping her with my eyes, why i am not flirting with her.  For every bar there will be a broker who sets the contract.  He saw me glancing at her and vise versa, he approached me and told me "hi sir i think she wants you i will ask her". He talked to her and gave a napkin to her.  She wrote her name and number on it and returned it to me. 

On the other side i wrote "what with the fake smile, why in pain or am i wrong, never do what you never want to". I  folded it andtold the broker to give to her and gave him 50inr.  I was afraid if he will look into it.  But fortunately he didn't. When she read the note she was looking at me in shock for a second and gave a naughty smile at me to show others. She scribbled something and whispered to the broker, he gave me the note and told me she likes you. I gave him another 50inr and i just told him i am going to the toilet and read the note. 

"Life is not what we want its what we get and this is better than hunger and suicide"

I literally got shocked. I left the table to my seniors and went to my room with a heavy head and an even more heavy heart.

Obviously it is only a job, and no job is small. But what i saw there was a lot of painfull eyes.

But what is even more painfull is that we say we are in a high society with high education and high payscale, but where is the culture in raping them with eyes where is the culture in flirting with their life.

With a burden on my chest i wrote this one to give a fake satisfaction to myself. Nothing is going to change.

Photo of Kolkata, Night life and dance bars. by Rahul Chandran
Photo of Kolkata, Night life and dance bars. by Rahul Chandran
Day 1
Photo of Kolkata, Night life and dance bars. by Rahul Chandran
Photo of Kolkata, Night life and dance bars. by Rahul Chandran