Life Beyond Money: Read It Before You Loose It

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The time old concept of having a white collar job, having a perfect family and a big bank balance for the next three generations is long gone. Atleast for a major portion of the society. 
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You could say transformation from a nomadic life to a settled life is a reversible process.
People begin to understand we are just a mortal being and living someone else's life is not worth it. The time given to you is your time its not worth wasting for making a fortune for a future generation that you have no part in it.
Anyway thats only my thinking(may be many have similar thoughts). But think about it living all your life like every other, same name, same job, same place. I never think we should not do any job or just roam around throughout your life, what i suggest is a life that has a complete equilibrium of your life, life for your family and a life that can give a helping hand to someone in need.
We could lead a life where we work all around the clock with an aim to bulk up our bank account, but what all we are loosing there. 
We loose our youth, that age where we always love to break the rules that life where we are sometimes become a rebel. We loose our family who stood besides us, we even dont have time to share a light moment with them. We loose all those beauty and adventures that are to be unveiled before us by the world. We are loosing ourself. Money is like alcohol if you try hard to consume it, it will eventually consume you.
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Now think about a life where you make money, once in two or three month taking a short break from going to somewhere you have never been before. 
Travelling in train or bus where you have no tensions but only that eagerness of an innocent child facing the nature for first time. Making new friends, talking about their life, becoming friends with a beautiful boy or girl and being in contact with them even after years. 

Ever seen a happy face of a kid who lives in the street after giving him something to fill his tummy. It actually worth more than your bank balance and i challenge you that you cannot forget his face and whenever you thinks about him you will become proud of yourself.

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Feeling a new taste or riding a camel for first time, feeling the rain in a desert or throwing a snowball at an unknown person. Talking to a boy who asks for alms, buying or sharing your food with them. Atleast for once stop being an arrogant industrialist and become a good humanist.
At least you won't be having a situation where you need to search for stories to tell your grand children.
Think hard before you loose it all, you can never call back the lost time, its atleast better to utilise the time left for you.
Live life like you would die tomorrow.
Live!! Young!! Wild!! Wanderlust!!