From Bun Samosas To Wood-fired Pizzas, Kasauli Is Simply A Paradise For Foodies

Photo of From Bun Samosas To Wood-fired Pizzas, Kasauli Is Simply A Paradise For Foodies by Siddharth Sujan

Located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh's Solan district, Kasauli is a town reminiscent of the quintessential mountain life. Owing to a strong military presence and a massive cantonment area, Kasauli is one of the very few places in the region that remain untouched by excessive tourism. While most travellers associate Kasauli with rolling hills, colonial structures and a simple way of life, very few know that Kasauli is a foodie haven as well! Right from authentic Himachali food to piping hot thukpa bowls, Kasauli has something for just about every palate. Here is the ultimate list of the best eateries in Kasauli that you should head to for a truly memorable gastronomical experience:

If you're someone who calls themselves a Himachal Pradesh veteran, you'd know the charm of a state run, Himachal Tourism hotel. Kasauli's Ross Common is one of the many tourism hotels in the state best recognised by their unmissable old world charm. The hotel also houses a cosy restaurant that serves authentic Himachali food and offers breathtaking views. A meal at Ross Common makes for one of the most interesting things to do in Kasauli that no foodie should miss out on.

Cost: ₹800 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Himachali, North Indian, Chinese

Standout dishes: Almond soup, chicken anardana, chah meat, bathu ki kheer

Timings and location: 9:30 am to 9 pm; Monkey Point Road, Near The Abbey, Kasauli

Contact: 01792-272005

Run by a bunch of music enthusiasts, Cafe Rudra is simply a world in its own. The small eatery stands out amongst other shops on the busy Mall Road owing to its eclectic interiors, dreamy vibes and often, loud music. Since the staff believes in the ideology of expressing oneself loud and clear, the cafe's walls are full of post it notes written by travellers from around the world. An afternoon of cold mountain winds, hot cups of coffee, never-ending melodies and a vibe so chill, you'd never want to leave is exactly what awaits you at Cafe Rudra.

Cost: ₹500 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Finger food

Standout dishes: Nutella crepe, cappuccino, veg burger, cheese sandwich

Timings and location: 9 am to 9:30 pm; Shop No. 24, Heritage Market, Kasauli

Contact: 01792-272289

A favourite amongst backpackers visiting Kasauli, Cafe Mantra offers a great selection of pizzas and sandwiches in a setting that will remind you of home. The humble vibe extends to the food here which is basic yet extremely appetising. A kickass ambience only adds to the entire experience, making lounging here one of the top things to do in Kasauli. Mantra also has a more family centric space, Mantra Restaurant right next to the cafe which promises an equally fulfilling experience.

Cost: ₹800 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Finger food

Standout dishes: Cheese and tomato pizza, vegetable spring rolls, chicken hakka noodles, green tea

Timings and location: 9 am to 9 pm; Shop No. 8, Heritage Market, Kasauli

Contact: 01792-273111

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Photo of Taste of Tibet, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India by Siddharth Sujan

If there's anything that is simply tailor-made for mountains, it is a bowl of hot thukpa and no trip to the hills is ever complete without one such meal. Located on the buzzing Pine Mall, Taste of Tibet is undoubtedly the best place when it comes to authentic Tibetan meals. Factors such as homely service and a pocket friendly fare add to make dining at Taste of Tibet one of the top things to do in Kasauli for every street food lover.

Cost: ₹400 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Tibetan, Chinese

Standout dishes: Steamed momos, thukpa

Timings and location: 10 am to 9 pm; Shop no. 10, Pine mall, Kasauli

Contact: 08146571991

Credits: Albert S

Photo of Old Town coffee cafe, Garkhal - Madhiyana Road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India by Siddharth Sujan

Kasauli, as a town is best known for its slow, laid back way of life and the best place to experience the same is one of Kasauli's most loved cafes, Old Town Coffee Cafe. As soon as you step foot in this cosy cafe, you'll realise that the place is all about letting time take its own course. Engage in endless conversations with your special someone or simply strike one with a complete stranger while relishing your hot cuppa and melt in your mouth pastries.

Cost: ₹350 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Cafe

Standout dishes: Cappuccino, green tea, cold coffee, sandwiches

Timings and location: 9 am to 10 pm; Heritage Market, Garkhal - Madhiyana Road, Kasauli

Contact: 01792-272639

If you're someone whose idea of exploring a particular place's food is all about raiding the streets, Narinder Sweets is that one place in Kasauli that you just cannot miss. A dingy sweet shop located in the heart of Kasauli's Mall Road, Narinder Sweets offers everything you'd expect in a sweet shop up in the hills. Whether it be a cup of ginger tea, a bun samosa or a plate of gulab jamuns, everything is super fresh and extremely delectable. To top it all, everything at this hidden gem of a eatery is super cheap, making it a local favourite of sorts.

Cost: ₹100 for two (approx.)

Cuisine: Sweets, street food

Standout dishes: Bun samosa, bun gulab jamun, jalebi

Timings and location: 6:30 am to 9:30 pm; Mall road, Kasauli

Contact: 09418135460

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