From Sports Shoes to Trek Shoes

Photo of From Sports Shoes to Trek Shoes by Nithin Jacob
Day 1

"As so I stand you as one that offers a small message of hope,there are always people who dare to seek on the margin of society, who are not dependent on social routine and prefer a kind of free floating existence"

-Thomas Merton,the asian.

A trek is always difficult,well not the trek exactly,but the process of convincing the people around you,especially immediate family and friends.."No bath";said my mother. "I will miss you";said my son."No toilet";reminded my friends."Why marry,if you are in love with the mountains",asked my relatives."No leave";said my boss."You are mad" said by my sister...if trekking was a democracy,i would have lost 99:1 ..

At one point or another, we all had faced or going to face this kind of questions when we prepare ourselves to leave all the certainties of life stepping into unknown..

Finding the courage to have the mindset,to leave the routine life is the biggest challenge.For all the important things in life,the timings always sucks,waiting for a good time to quit your job ? To take a dream trip ? To apply for leave in office? Sadly,the traffic light of life are always red,and we never intend to make it green..Conditions are never perfect..We dream about "someday" i will do it and take that into our grave or regret about things 'I should have done '

Being on the road is a courage to loosen your grip on so called certainties of this world, and decide your life in your own circumstances.

Photo of From Sports Shoes to Trek Shoes by Nithin Jacob