Hill station

16th Jun 2021
Day 1

About two o clock in the afternoon we started our journey on our bikes.
It started pouring down.
We embraced the rain and aimed to our destination.  By the time we reached the hills, luckily the rain stopped. My friend commented that the rain calmed down must be because it understood our despair.
Maybe it’s true, nature will never let us down if we love and trust it.
It's was around four o clock when we started hiking.
With every step uphill, we witnessed nature’s astounding beauty!
Changes our perspective about life.
We fall in love with the scenery.
With the sounds that surround us.
With the clouds that travel with us.
With the raindrops that shower upon us…….
Thanks for CJ & RH

Photo of Ponmudi Hill Station by MUHAMED SHABEEB