Hills Near Calicut That Are Peaceful


Kozhikode, Kerela

Photo of Kozhikode, Kerala, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

Calicut is not popular as Kozhikode, this city is also popular for spice and coconut export. Also the history of the city also attracts lots of tourism. This place is blesse with lots of lust green forest, awesome beaches, waterfalls and lots of spectacular back waters.

Lets talk about some hill stations near by which can be visited during your visit to Kozhikode.


Coonoor got popular recently since it's near to Ooty and offers almost everything as Ooty does. despite of that Coonoor is less explored and have a good option the travelers who like to explore new places.

Coonoor is a World Haritage Site by UNESCO and it is a party of Nilgiri Range. Coonoor has the most popular 9 kilometers hike to Lambs rock which is a major attraction for adventure seekers. It is also know for it's migration of birds and diverse flour and fauna. You can ditch Ooty for Coonoor for sure.

Traveler Information:

Distance from Calicut: 111 Kilometers

Elevation: 1850 meters

Places of interest: Sim’s Park, Tiger Hill Cemetery, Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint

Best time to visit: October to December

Things To Do: Have A Mesmerising View, Witness Exotic Flowers, Check Out The Beautiful Tea Estates

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Photo of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)


Ooty is one of the most visited places in Tamil Nadu and people are aware of this place because of it's movie presents. Rich in culture and diversity, this place is blessed with scenic beauty. Ooty hosts lots of lakes, hills, viewpoints and waterfalls.

Ooty is near by Coonoor and Kotagiri that's makes it more attractive. In fact the Ooty is visited by many trekking enthusiast.

Traveler Information:

Distance from Calicut: 101 kilometers

Elevation: 2240 meters

Places of interest: Kamraj Sagar Lake, Ooty Lake, Emerald Lake,

Best time to visit: October to December

Things To Do: Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train, Botanical Gardens, Dolphin’s Nose

Vythiri, Kerala

Photo of Vythiri, Kerala, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)


Vythiri is full of Instagram click places. Vythiri is very much know for it's different kind of accommodation options. Filled with lush green forest and you will find tree houses envelop in it. These tree house will take you in the lap of nature without disturbing it. You can consider Vythiri is a staycation for a long time. While this has waterfalls, lakes, viewpoints and some breathtaking view points.

Vythiri When you are in Vythiri don't forget to pay a visit to Wayanad National Park and a relaxing picturesque waterfalls of Soochipara.

Travelers Information:

Distance from Calicut: 43 kilometers

Elevation: 700 meters

Places of interest: Chembra Peak, Banasura Dam, Soochipara Waterfalls, Wayanad National Park

Best time to visit: October to April

Munnar, Kerala

Photo of Munnar, Kerala, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)


Munnar is renown for it's tea plantation and often visited by nature lovers. Blessed with lakes, lush green forest, hilly roads and diverse flora and fauna which clearly defines why it is much popular hill station in Kerala from a long time.

The Eravikulam National Park also falls within Munnar, which is home to a number of rare and endangered species of plants, including the infamous Neelakurinji, the flower that blooms once every twelve years.

Travelers Information:

Distance from Calicut: 191 kilometers

Elevation: 1532 meters

Places of interest: Eravikulam National Park, Echo Point, Mattupetty Dam, KDHP Museum, Anamudi Peak, Top Station, Kundala Lake, Valara Falls, Lakkam Waterfalls, Elephant Arrival Spot

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Things To Do: Talayar Valley Bungalow, Mountain Hut Resorts, Veetee Midtown

Nelliyampathy, Kerala

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)


Nelliyampathy is also known as " The Poor man's ooty " but trust me there is nothing poor about Nelliyampathy. If we compare Nelliyampathy and Ooty the only thing Nelliyampathy is lacking is the crowd.

While you must bet thinking it is not a good option but let me tell you this is one of those places which are not very much explored. Blessed with expansive lakes, thriving forests, and picturesque hiking trails, Nelliyampathy is a must visit if you’re looking to get away from the city and spend some time living in the lap of mother nature.

Travelers Information:

Distance from Calicut: 128 Kilometers

Elevation: 1500 meters

Places of interest: Seethargundu Viewpoint, Pothundi Dam, Green Valley Farm and Orange Farm, Kara Para Waterfalls

Best time to visit: September to February


Photo of Vagamon, Kerala, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)


Vagamon is a hill station which is famous for it's pinewoods forest which is also known as Vagamon forest. Vagamon is also offer variety of adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, paragliding. which makes this place popular among adventure seekers.

The Vagamon Pine forest is also a popular shooting location for films, which doubles as a serene spot where travelers can simply sit and enjoy some quiet time with mother nature.

Travelers Information:

Distance from Calicut: 214 kilometers

Elevation: 1200 meters

Places of interest: Vagamon Pine Forest, Kurisumala, Vagamon Meadows

Best time to visit: March to May

Things To Do: Trekking, Off Roading, Boat Ride, Waterfall Camping & Trekking


Chikmagalur, it is also known as the first place where coffee was cultivated. Chikmagalur is also popular hill station for trekking enthusiasts. Mullayangiri is the highest peak of Karnataka location in Chikmagarlur which is also a popular trekking location.

Another popular hiking trail in Chikmagalur is the Kemmanagundi Hike that leads to a peak called the Z-point. The hike is dotted with scenic waterfalls, making it one of the top choices for beginner treks in the state. Also chikmagalur also hosts lush green forest and trust me many ancient temples and waterfalls are must visit.

Traveler Information:

Distance from Calicut: 229 kilometers

Elevation: 1090 meters

Places of interest: Kudremukh National Park, Mullayanagiri, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kemmanagundi, Z-Point, Sharadamba Temple

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Things To Do: Discover An Exotic Wonder, Pray To Goddess Saraswati, Go For Trekking, Enjoy A Jeep Safari

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Photo of Hills Near Calicut That Are Peaceful by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)


Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu as also known as " Princess of hill stations " and also very popular hill station in Kerala from a long time. Home to a dense cover of lush green forest, surreal plunging valleys, clear skies, glistening freshwater lakes, misty mountains, and expansive plantations, Kodaikanal has all the elements that make for a superb hilly getaway.

Kidaikanal is a relatively small hill station and can be explored on bicycle or two wheeler easily. If you want to explore it a royal way take a joy horse ride. Because of it's pleasant weather all across the year, tourist can visit around the year. Popular activities in Kodaikanal include hiking, boating, and sightseeing.

Traveler Information:

Distance from Calicut: 218 kilometers

Elevation: 2133 meters

Places of interest: Dolphin’s Nose, Suicide Point, Pillar Rocks, Silver Cascade Falls, Bear Shola Falls, Devil’s Kitchen

Best time to visit: October to June

Things To Do: Night Safari, Enjoy Biking, Go Birdwatching, Have A Fun Picnic, Wander In The Wilderness


Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu

Photo of Hills Near Calicut That Are Peaceful by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

Kotagiri Again a less crowded place near to Ooty and Kotagiri is blessed with some scenic views. You will be able to experience some good weather conditions since it not popular as Ooty so less touristy crowd. No wonder why Britishers choose this place as a summer resort near Ooty.

Kotagiri is also have a most popular hiking trails in the area, including famous trails like Kotagirio - Kodanad & Catherine waterfalls trail. This is 3rd largest hill station in Nilgiri range. Kotagiri is also home to some important Hindu temples including the Elk Hill Murugan Temple and the temple of Kamatarya deity.

Traveler Information:

Distance from Calicut: 120 kilometers

Elevation: 1847 meters

Places of interest: John Sullivan Museum, Elk Hill Waterfall, Catherine Falls, Longwood Shola, Kodanad Viewpoint

Best time to visit: December to March

Please make sure you travel responsibly and keep the place litter free.

Please do comment for any information.

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