Vegetarians travelling to pack food

23rd Apr 2019

If you are a vegetarian travelling abroad for the first time the first think comes to your mind is food wether there will be vegetarian indian food available or not. Some people are Jain's who don't eat onions ,garlic etc., and it becomes even more difficult for them to get food so it's good to pack your stuffs before going. Some countries it's very difficult for even non vegetarians to survive.
So these are the things you should pack.

A Ready to eat stuffs
1.Pack bread,buns,biscuits,snacks etc.,dry snacks which can stay for few days .
2.Jam,butter etc., 
3.Less oil packed pickle .
4.Home made chutneys.
5.Ready to eat stuffs which are available in market.
6.khakras  available at many stores.
7.Dry fruits are really good source for hunger.
B.To prepare food
1. Take rice cooker with rice in zip lock bags.
2.Tamarind paste,lime rice paste .tomato paste to mix with rice.Its available in market or can be prepared at home with extra oil and kept in airtight container.
3.Upma ,semia,pooha all semi cooked mix all masala oil spices and keep in zip locks just pour add water in rice cooker and food is ready.
4.pooris made from curd and ghee which stays more than 3 days.
5 .Pack or buy fruits .
6 .Carry knife spoons and plates.
Pack few stuffs in your backpacks everyday before leaving hotel like a water bottle,biscuits and little snacks.U will be lucky if u get good food but if theres no food around at least with these snacks hunger can be  managed.
Prepare rice mix with paste and put in a box with spoon napeken and tissue papers and carry with u.
       The packed stuffs also help in cost management if u r looking at budget travelling .
        All stuff in zip locks and airtight containers.Zip  lock are use and throw stuffs.
(Each and every recipe I'm planning to post later)