How travelling changed me into a better person

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Life in a backpack

Its been almost 8 years since i started travelling. Sometimes due to work , sometimes leisure but the journey has been great. Apart from the awesome views and capturing photos, what i have gained out of it is a very holistic change as a person and an ability to look at life from better perspective.

Raised my curiosity

While living my daily life somehow i am get tuned, rigid and less exploring because i already know the perfect way of doing things. When travelling I become more open to explore, it raises my inquisitiveness to know things, explore places. I become more open and receptive.

Made me a careful listener

When in unknown places i asked direction and locations from people and would listen and note down things carefully so that i do not miss out . It automatically makes me a careful listener.

Lost the fear of unknown

Many a places where i have been to (like middle east) were described in a very dramatic or negative way by others. Most of the times people giving advice themselves haven't been to the place but have heard from their friends and relatives. But i myself went there the experience was beautiful. This is how i decided to have my own correct version of places by visiting them and at the same time removing those preconceived notions of others

Made friends out of strangers

I became good in making friends out of strangers. I learnt words and expressions from different languages.

I could live with lesser belongings

I realized travelling was not about carrying your world with you but taking the outside world with you back home. I could easily live with few pair of cloths but never miss out on the extra space to put my camera and the souvenirs from different places.

Ethnicity became immaterial

I met a lot of people, spent time with them, learnt many new things from them. Eventually i realized restricting to ethnicity is just a barrier in my growth and happiness. By sharing our knowledge and culture with each other we can grow wiser and live together happily

Life is too short to be serious

Instead of being reactive i started being responsive to situations and that's how life is.When facing problems, instead of complaining if i can laugh at them and resolve quickly i save more time and energy.

These are situations everyone will face when travelling. So it is upto you how you make the most out of it.

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