If You Have Been Missing Delhi, You Need to Watch This


Once Delhi has made its way into your heart, there is no getting away from it.

You could either be born and brought up in Delhi or settled here later, but once a Delhiite, always a Delhiite. 

So, this video will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you go on a nostalgic trip around pioneers of Delhi's past and present.

The gorgeous hyperlapse gives the feeling of floating through Delhi like a little child looking up at monuments and buildings in complete awe and perfectly encapsulates the best of the vibrant city.

The creators run their channel by the name Ethereal (correctly so). Around 5000 pictures went into creating the video and the inspiration behind it was as follows:

"It's been exactly a year that I moved to Delhi from Bangalore. But all this time, I never really got a chance to go out and fall in love with the city until lately. Last one month was spent making this video. From the ancient city of Indraprastha to the seven cities during Muslim rule and now to the Lutyen’s Delhi, Delhi has seen thousands of years of being a capital. And years form now, no matter how we humans do as a species, Delhi will remain alive in some form."

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