Into the blue-Andaman & Nicobar Islands!


Laxmanpur Beach-Neil Island

Photo of Laxmanpur Beach-Neil Island by Javed Iqbal

Mount Harriet-This is on the back of a Rs.20 note

Photo of Mount Harriet-This is on the back of a Rs.20 note by Javed Iqbal

The nicobar hut

Photo of The nicobar hut by Javed Iqbal

Dawn at Radhanagar Beach

Photo of Dawn at Radhanagar Beach by Javed Iqbal

Sunsrise at Radhanagar Beach

Photo of Sunsrise at Radhanagar Beach by Javed Iqbal

Radhanagar Beach

Photo of Radhanagar Beach by Javed Iqbal


Photo of Radhanagar by Javed Iqbal

Dawn at Kalapathar Beach

Photo of Dawn at Kalapathar Beach by Javed Iqbal


Photo of Sunrise-Kalapathar by Javed Iqbal


Photo of Kalapathar by Javed Iqbal

Elephant Beach-Havelock Island

Photo of Elephant Beach-Havelock Island by Javed Iqbal

Elephant beach

Photo of Elephant beach by Javed Iqbal

Elephant beach

Photo of Elephant beach by Javed Iqbal

Sunset Radhanagar beach

Photo of Sunset Radhanagar beach by Javed Iqbal

Natural Bridge

Photo of Natural Bridge by Javed Iqbal

Laxmanpur Beach

Photo of Laxmanpur Beach by Javed Iqbal

Clock Tower-Port Blair

Photo of Clock Tower-Port Blair by Javed Iqbal

Chidiya Tapu-Port Blair

Photo of Chidiya Tapu-Port Blair by Javed Iqbal
Photo of by Javed Iqbal

Scuba at Havelock Island

Photo of Scuba at Havelock Island by Javed Iqbal

Trip Overview

Day1-Visited the cellular jail at Port Blair.The light and sound show during the evening is an enjoyable experience.

Day2-Visited Mount Harriet park in the morning.There is a trekking through the forest till the gun point.Left for Havelock Island.Reached Havelock by around 5 p.m by the government ferry.We stayed at the Cross Bill Beach Resort.It has a private beach area and the resort is very good.

Day3-Left for Radhanagar beach at around 4.45 a.m for the sunrise.We had hired bikes and it is around a 10 kms ride to the beach.Watched the sunrise and swam at the beach.

Day4-Left for Kalapathar beach at around 5 a.m for the sunrise.Left for the elephant beach after breakfast and spent the day there.The water is crystal clear and it is excellent for swimming.

Day5-Left for the scuba diving at barefoot scuba . It was an amazing experience.It is a must try .The underwater life is breathtaking.Left for the Neil Islands and reached by around 5 p.m

Day 6-Swimming at the Laxmanpur beach.Neil island is a small and beautiful island to spend time.

Day7-Returned to Port Blair by around 5 p.m

Day8-Visited the Celluar jail .It is a must visit.The jail is a national memorial and well maintained.Visited Corbyn cove beach and Chidiya Tapu Beach in the evening.The ride from port blair to Corbyn beach and Chidiya Tapu is lovely.It is a definitely worth the ride.


1.Eat at the Anju Coco Bar and Restaurant at havelock island.It is a good place to eat and spend time with friends.

2. Scuba diving is a must try.It is an amazing experience.Snorkelling can also be tried.

3.Do visit the Jolly Buoy Island.It is the best beach in Andaman.Crystal clear water and a swimmers paradise.

4.Take the bike rides in port blair and visit corbyn cove and chidiya tapu.


"Let go off your fear and dive into the magical water of this beautiful island."