Jivdani Mandir Virar, Must Read Before Going !

14th Oct 2018
Photo of Jivdani Mandir Virar, Must Read Before Going ! by Ali Mohsin Shaikh

Hi everyone, i live in Mumbai and now a days trying to visit all good places to visit in and near Mumbai. I have visited places like Pagoda, Essel World, National Park, Kanheri Caves, Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Pune, Matheran, Karjat and more. If you live in Mumbai you must try visiting these places. So 2 days before i visited Jivdani Mandir which is situated in Virar.


You can visit Jivdani Mandir by bike or car if you are near by, but the best way to go is by local train. You can take a local from your nearest station to Virar. From virar you can take a Auto which will take approx 10 minutes. From there you have to take a walk of 1400 steps which will take aprrox 30 minutes. Optionally you can take a ropeway to Mandir.


Local train to Virar: Rs.10-20 depends on your location

Virar station to Mandir by Auto: Rs.50 - 60

Ropeway to Mandir: Rs.150 roundway


So before going you should keep in mind all taking 1400 steps from starting to Mandir is a very tiring. If you are not so active you can take a ropeway. Also keep in mind about the sunny day. I visited at 6pm so it was not sunny but i still a got tired a lot. Take a water bottle or you can buy from the way also. Also you will find a lot of small eating places. The view from above is just awesome and the mandir is also very good and maintained very well. You will be able to see a lot of hill views from the mandir.

So surely its a very nice and also devotional places . Also you can also visit here in a good budget. A must visit places from myside.


Sorry for not so good Photos as it was Night time

Photo of Jivdani Mandir Virar, Must Read Before Going ! 1/3 by Ali Mohsin Shaikh
View from above
Photo of Jivdani Mandir Virar, Must Read Before Going ! 2/3 by Ali Mohsin Shaikh
On the way to Mandir
Photo of Jivdani Mandir Virar, Must Read Before Going ! 3/3 by Ali Mohsin Shaikh
Inside Jivdani Mandir
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