Journey of Sage Starts...

Photo of Journey of Sage Starts... 1/4 by Tanishka Dhawan

Tall curved trees over Canteen

Again as always am late to my first lecture scheduled in morning , dot at 8:00 am , perhaps missing this one was not a grief , as it was my Japanese lecture , which out of my mind! Reaching on time to college was a challenge. I still do remember travelling from home to college for the first time in my life looked like sending satellite to moon, , as I was not used to long distance travelling , the adventure was new and college was new to me , I was travelling alone for 40kms , half way was known and other half was foreign to me , with a back and tab with no sim and no phone , My God I travelled for 2 hours between two different cities , excited and scared at a same time . My journey started from Nigdi which is in North Pune and ended up at Katraj which is in South Pune or maybe out of Pune. And reaching me out in any mishap or urgency was next to impossible for next 2 months i.e was between july to September . And if once the bus was missed it would r emind me of Chandrayaan I , the satellite which was sent on moon and later in 2009 lost its connection and communication with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) , initially I compared myself with this moon craft and it seemed like I lost in spate of galaxies here it was all people looking and running in opposite directions , maybe their destinations resided there . And discovering a way back to home was like waiting for a signal of another satellite so hilarious , later I thanked god for such a adventures and I adopted this legacy of travelling 2 hours daily , it became hectic for me to cope up but my never giving up attitude helped me to gain the strength to cope up , it turned out to be my patent , as if discovering whole universe before arriving to my destinations .

Life is an adventure and everyone has experienced it in different ways and in different aspects , so this was one of my daily small adventure , towards bigger one which was yet to come . So my college morning would start at canteen which was next to my campus , just between the cool of nature , surrounded by tall trees with weird curving shapes , their shadow used to work as shed in hot noon during lunch times and fresh and live during winter morning , Squirrels running around on and off the tables , crows having their morning breakfast , as soon as canteen aunty used to toss off , the left over meals in the backyard of canteen . Except morning this place was always overcrowded in peak hours , during lunch hours , so I would prefer solitary in morning with nature . I named this place as Kudharat-e-Jahan (nature world or place) , where I have spent precious moment with nature . As it always played a role of healing for humans , but in my case it played supersonic role . So my morning was incomplete without my meeting with Kudharat-e-Jahan and a cup of coffee or tea , both would do, depending on my day spending budgets . Spending time here was important though I wasn't foodie, but attached to nature so skipping first lecture was not painful , but taking a leave and spending time at home was painful . Words are less to express my affection towards this canteen as it was healing to my soul . Yes healing to my soul , last 3 years have been rough for me to rebound with old me , so this ranked my priority list . Locating me in college was difficult in college for the ones to whom I was less known and bit easier for the ones whom I was well known to my core , awaiting for my next lecture , I would head to library , my another dearest and treasured location ! Library was not in middle of nature but yes it is near window at the end of library facing towards a ground which is surrounded by beautiful trees with leafs and some without leafs . Taking snaps was my craze , my gallery is flooded with images of library , books , notes , scenic beauty and paradise of Kudharat-e-Jahan in multiple filters , to figure out the best one , so the entire week that filter could be used to take some more pics . I am not a book worm but maybe a bookaholic . I never followed any genre in books , I used to read anything that would match the rhythm of my day mindset with reading 12 different newspaper in peaceful library which eventually became my new ritual . I was inspired with philosophy of Immauel Kant , Friedrich Nietzsche , Aristotle , Plato and Socrates . I tried every possible way to make myself productive in free hours too , inspired by one of my faculty , who was just prefect reflection of her own self . She was my all time favorite but interacting with her was like tying myself on the railway track and waiting for the train to squashed me up into pieces. Then attending whole day lectures was exactly my cup of tea , it was fun loving class as it was we all were tourism students from across the state , including me across the country was mix of culture , language and traditions , though I won't indulge in their deep gossips , but learning together was pretty cool , as everyone was good on face and behind the back everyone was silent but wild competitor . Meanwhile helping someone to overcome emotional trauma was my charm which I excelled , afternoon was spent brainwashing someone , motivating someone or explaining my own philosophies to boost the of the ones who were battling with their ups-downs . And this is how the day used to end . Finding something new to do in a day became my all time agenda . And then again way back to home , the traditional 2 hrs journey . Travelling in evening was like chaotic , this was the time when people were back to home from their offices. I used to travel through different routes daily , morning from outskirts of city experiencing the blissful remoteness and in evening within the city , admiring the city Chehel-Phehel . Interior and exterior of the city depicts different story with no correlation and I tried to relate two opposites .The day was always mixture of everything bit by bit . But what excites me about the evening was watching the sunset from the window seat with headphones and reading some random book , I used to catch bus from starting point and get down at the last stop , so windows seats were easy to get . The chit-chat of village women was like a disco to my silent music , which was irritating but then slowly became a custom . These hours were flash back of different moments spent in life . As the journey ended, without wasting a moment I hire an auto to home and sometimes if the music is good I opt walking and matching my footstep with on going cadency . Current music on mind 'Main Tumhara' from 'Dil Bechara.' And now am home physically , mentally and emotionally !

Photo of Journey of Sage Starts... 2/4 by Tanishka Dhawan

Garland made by me of wild flowers

I think this is the time when an individual walks through the memory lanes and re-experiencing their story quote the lessons and meaning of life . Deep observation comes out of deep conversation with self and nature in solitude broadens the perspectives and increase the horizons of understanding . Each day is an ordinary day with extraordinary opportunities , and you are just a step far from lighting up your day .

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Glory that i admire here !

''To the story of this glory , I Rely entirely on the source of panorama of life , with thrashing zest and sorrow . To the hope that turned the flames down and to the hope that burnt whole night , yet end resides so close and passion to start again resides within self so hard to accept the purest form of self '' ~Tanishka Dhawan

Photo of Journey of Sage Starts... 4/4 by Tanishka Dhawan

Sketch of Kudharat-e-Jahan