Making friends on your travel..

25th Dec 2020
Day 1

Traveling is such a unique experience. You constantly throw yourself into situations that are new, unusual, and simply awe-inspiring. You get to taste weird foods, experience different cultures, and try new activities.

But even better than all the wonderful things traveling offers up, are the people you meet when on the road. Whether it is another lone backpacker, a group traveling together, those on educational or work adventures, or the locals in the city or town you're in, the people you meet while traveling are the best part of any adventure.

There is something about traveling that speeds up the steps to building a relationship with another person. Whether it's the fact that you're thrown together in situations that are often outside of your comfort zone or because you have similar interests..

With these people around I at once felt like at home..

To share an experience with another human from a different place is enriching and rewarding, as it is not always the things you see and do..

Yesterday you were strangers from different places ,yet today you've shared very personal pieces of your lives with each other and it all started so simply with a quiet hello, a smile, an offered piece of advice, or an invitation.

It's always surprising the number of people in this world you can have a connection with, regardless of age, race, religion, or culture..Because none of that matters as people are the same anywhere you go, all searching for purpose, love and meaning in life.

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Photo of Rambo Homestay & Restaurant by A vagabond doctor
Photo of Rambo Homestay & Restaurant by A vagabond doctor