Nandi Hills -Sunrise point

Photo of Nandi Hills -Sunrise point 1/4 by Santhosh Nair
Photo of Nandi Hills -Sunrise point 2/4 by Santhosh Nair
Photo of Nandi Hills -Sunrise point 3/4 by Santhosh Nair
Photo of Nandi Hills -Sunrise point 4/4 by Santhosh Nair

so it was a half a day trip on the outskirts, i got my comfortable seat behind a friends bullet.So we started out early morning around 5 and the plan was to reach Nandi for a perfect morning sunrise shot.All the way we were worried what if there is no mist or clouds, till the foot of the hills that kept us worried but as we started climbing it started getting colder and we could feel our bike cruising through the mist.One of a kind of experience so we got to the top and i quickly got down the bike in complete excitement i forgot there were vehicles behind me and one such vehicle rammed to the side of my leg, luckily the blow was small and the excitement adrenalin didnt make me feel any pain.We got the tickets and went in to see that the whole place was covered by mist so we thought of waiting for the sun too peep out unfortunately we waited till 10 a.m for the mist to clear and the mist was there to stay.In the meanwhile we tried to explore places in nandi (Couple of shady places,i had "cmon really early morning you want to do that" look at places) and i ended of taking pics of the locale rather than the sunrise.I came to a realization getting a sunrise in nandi is like playing a lotterry you need to keep playing and someday you might get lucky.