Embark on a Scenic Journey to Nandi Hills with the First Electric Train Service in Bengaluru


Bengaluru, the bustling city known for its vibrant culture and tech hubs, is also well known for its traffic, isn't it? To help travellers and citizens alike, the South Western Railway (SWR) inaugurated the first electric train service to Nandi Hills, a popular weekend destination just 60 km from the city centre, starting December 11. This move promises a scenic journey and opens up new possibilities for convenient and eco-friendly travel.

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Connecting the Dots: The Train Routes

The SWR's decision to extend Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) trains to Nandi Hills presents a welcome solution for commuters and tourists. The three electrified routes—

06531/06532 Bengaluru Cantonment-Chikballapur-Cantonment

06535/06538 Chikkaballapur-Bengaluru Cantonment-Chikkaballapur

06593/06594 Yeswantpur-Chikkaballapur-Yeswantpur

will connect Bengaluru to Chikkaballapur, with stops at key stations. This initiative builds on the completed electrification between Yelahanka and Chikkaballapur in March 2022.

Affordable Travel: Cost and Convenience

The cost is remarkably reasonable for those planning to embark on this picturesque journey. At just Rs 40, travellers can hop on the train from Bengaluru Cantonment or Yeswantpur. This economical option beats the Rs 70 KSRTC bus fare and provides a comfortable and convenient alternative for daily commuters.

Tips for Travellers

Best Time to Visit Nandi Hills: While the trains will operate throughout the day, early mornings are recommended for those seeking to witness the breathtaking sunrise at Nandi Hills.

Places Nearby: Explore the region's rich historical heritage by visiting attractions like the Bhoganandishwara temple, Devanahalli Fort, and the 112-ft Adiyogi statue in Chikkaballapur.

Accommodations: While Nandi Hills may have limited lodging options, nearby Chikkaballapur offers a range of accommodations for those planning an extended stay.

Activities and Experiences: Beyond the train journey, make the most of your visit by trekking to the summit of Nandi Hills, indulging in local cuisine, and experiencing the tranquillity of the surroundings.

Challenges and Future Plans

However, challenges persist. The absence of transport options from the Nandi Halt train station to critical locations, such as the Bhoganandishwara temple, remains a concern for practical utility. Siddharth Raja, a resident, rightly emphasizes the need for improved connectivity to enhance the overall travel experience.

SWR's plans to restore heritage stations, introduce a dedicated tour package, and schedule trains for sunrise at Nandi Hills demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the tourism experience. Collaborating with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) to restore heritage stations like Doddajala, Devanahalli, and Avatihalli adds a cultural dimension to the journey.

In conclusion, introducing electric train services to Nandi Hills significantly makes travel more accessible and eco-friendly for Bengalureans. As the railway network connects historical landmarks and offers a scenic route, it opens up many possibilities for diverse travellers—from families seeking a weekend getaway to solo adventurers yearning for a serene escape. While challenges persist, the steps taken by SWR indicate a promising future for tourism in the region.

So, hop on board and let the electric rails unveil the beauty of Nandi Hills in a new light!

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