Solitude: Where Do You Find Yours?


We all seek our share of space. Spaces where we define our existences and individuality. It is not running away from the world. It is about getting your real self back to the place, so that you can do what you stand for- with double vigour and energy than before. It is that reconnect you need when the clamour on the outside disorients you from the person within. You take your solitude breaks to make your beliefs stronger and more profound, so your ideas become even more unstoppable.Solitude

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The best part about travel is it lets you find your place for Solitude. I usually seek mine in my journeys. It is not about looking for an escape, but getting better with the world by taking a break from it. You do not need to fight it back all the time.

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Often, all you need is a piece of time that belongs to you alone. A place that lets you reconnect with the same world in more harmonious ways. You walk through the same crowd again, but with a different mindset. You view the same people with a different eye, listen to the same words with a different perspective!

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It is like the journey of a mindfulness meditation where you let things pass by, without being judgemental. You just live through the moment, let it all sink in!

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When you choose to disconnect with every thing else for a moment, and connect with your inner solitude, the things outside manifest themselves in splendid ways.

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You are not alone anymore, as you have embraced the unpredictability of the moment and allowed it to unfold its surprises. You allowed the clamour to fade away; you did not get bogged down and simply allowed it to pass. You realized that what you saw back there was not the real stuff! The real stuff is this very moment. This moment and eveything in it, belongs to you.

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You do not get affected anymore by that same judgemental world where you spend most of your time. Your Solitude is now a parallel world you created that fills you with inner strength and energy. No one breaks you any more without your consent. You have traveled a distance to find yourself that peace. That moment is exclusively yours and no one can take it from you. That is what will keep you going again, a mile more, when you are all about to give up!

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You will rise again, through your moments, young and free, for you have now found the inner spark, through your journey.

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