What should we prefer, being a tourist or a traveler?


Are you a Tourist or a Traveller?

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You must have traveled to a number of places while a number of places must have seen you as tourists. Confused? You need not be because after reading this post you are going to acknowledge all your travel adventures and will make your travel more responsible and sustainable. Here are the differences! Go on.

1. Tourists take a lot of selfies with the place while travelers take a lot of pictures of the place itself.

2. Tourists take the direct road while travelers like to walk through all the streets of the place.

3. Tourists prefer travelling in groups while travelers like to explore alone. They divide each bit of their time between solitude and mingling with the locals.

4. Tourists strengthen the bond between themselves while travelers make new acquaintances for life.

5. Tourists are specific about their clothes and styling. While travelers go wild in the beauty of nature and do not mostly care about what they wear.

6. Tourists go to famous places while travelers are more interested in exploring the soul of the place.

7. Camping sites are to Travelers what Hotel Rooms are to tourists.

8. Travelers often take lifts, borrow things and share living while tourists look forward to handling everything on their own.

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There is a clear line between the two. If you identify yourself to be one of these, what would you prefer to be or rather we should ask a better question - What should we choose? Is being a traveler better than being a tourist? Does one come with added advantages over others? Or is it all the same? Let us try to differentiate-

1. Better safe than sorry - Being a traveler involves a lot of adventures. If you are travelling with your family, then the least you would want is to make them feel uncomfortable about the place. Moreover, you don't want to leave them wondering what is coming next.

2. Travelling Responsibly - When it comes to this point, both should remain in their own circle and should do nothing which can harm the beauty of the place.

3. Experiencing a new place - If you are travelling solo, you have all the time in the world. Make new friends, read about local culture, try local cuisine, help people open up about their grievances etc. Travelers do this very well. It was rightly said that- "By being a tourist, you visit the place but by being a traveler, you experience its soul."

4. Promote a place and localities - Both take a lot of pictures. When it comes to promoting a place, both can do it. While being a traveler you can tell more about the place and its people in and out, the tourist can do the duty of telling more safer stories.

5. Spending time in groups - If you are travelling in groups and have spared some of your time to know each other more, it is not bad to be a tourist of the place. You have taken off from your daily routine and it is okay to just go wild with your best buddies. But by fun, if you understand boozing around and making noises in the middle of the night and disturbing the basic life of people, you better stay at home and do the same.

6. Tourists make the place more lively- They take a lot of their pictures witnessing the crowd that that area has. Imagine if everyone becomes a traveler, the place would become so lonely for others to see from pictures point of view. People perceive happiness as they see in the pictures and this lets them make plans for that place which in turn improves the tourism industry.

7. Localites wait for you to come back - If you make a conscious effort of involving yourself with the culture and its people, they will wait for you to come back.

Answering the first question which one is better, we see that the world does not run in binary. It all depends on how you want it to be. To find inner peace, travel; To make peace with the current situations, travel; Want to find an answer, travel; Want to make your relationships better, become a tourist; No to risk, tourist. Want more? Travel and find your own answers, dude! 😉

Do you have any other point in mind? Use the comment section to tell us how do you identify yourself. 

Thankyou for Reading!