Pros and cons of travelling with a couple


Do you love travelling? If yes with whom, alone, with family, or with friends? You must be wondering why I am asking this stupid question. Let me tell you. I ask this because everyone has their own way of travelling, some travel in groups and some alone but have you ever been on a trip when you are the only person who is “SINGLE” in group. Sounds a bit strange, right but its traveling buddy, who knows which place you will visit next and with what kind of partners.

So, life gave me an opportunity to travel with my friends, let me elaborate total four in short two couples. This was the first time I was traveling with couples. Although the trip was nice but I want to share some things which were irritating at times and few which were good. Keeping it short and simple I want to share the pros and cons of traveling with couples.

Things you may like:-

· You don’t have to worry about tickets and they will always make sure the journey is comfortable.

· Hotel bookings - you hardly have to bother about that.

· Best places to visit - couples have it stored in their database long before the trip.

· You will get the best food at best restaurants, who goes with their girlfriend to a roadside ugly looking dhaba (small roadside restaurant).

· Most of the times they will pay your expenses too - one single “free” with a couple.

· You can show your photography skills because most of the time you will be the one behind the camera.

· You can learn romance from them.

· You will be safe and will hardly get tired –no roaming around at night and who gets tired when you will be travelling by cab all the time.

· Last but not the least- you will get some free time for yourself while they are busy with each other.

Things that may irritate you at times:-

· Do you love exploring? Forget that before starting your trip else you will be disappointed. Most of the couple’s visit places which are already listed down.

· Adventure - which bird is that? They hardly try adventure.

· You will have to miss the local food and drinks.

· At times you may feel alone.

· Mingling with local people - this you can do only if you travel alone.

· Wandering at night - you don’t want to make your buddies feel bad right, then drop this idea.

· You want to plan an instant trip after one, you can’t, because you are with couples so you need to plan the trip properly.

· Your camera will be full of pictures but most of the pictures will be of your travel partners posing in one or other way.

· It will more be like honeymoon trip with yourself - you will visit places like tourists.

· Drink less, smoke least (if you drink and smoke) is the mantra you have to follow.

· So, if by chance you are travelling with couples only, pack the traveler which is within you and be ready for the next trip “ALONE”

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Photo of Pros and cons of travelling with a couple by Sarthak Sagar