Reborn when felt like dying ❤

10th Mar 2020
Day 1

I was trapped in a Snow Storm with my two friends.
We were in between a trekk of " Bhudhi Naagin Mata Temple ".
And lemme tell you there is huge difference between Snowfall & Snow Storm.
In "Snowfall" we dance around with our happy faces. In "Snow Storm" we can't even see each other's face .
In "Snowfall" snow fall from sky to the ground. But In "Snow Storm" there are high speed winds carrying snow and flowing in every direction at the same time.
And Trust me writing this and being there are two whole different experiences.
I get goosebumps even if i think about that day.

This photo is reminder of time when i was in midway of trekk, thinking about who i am, why i am here And In that moment my inner self screamed out and said to me.
"Ye toofan bhi to teri zindgai sa hai. Tujhe hawa k sath nahi behna balki apna rasta khud banana hai."
I can't forget this unbelievable day 😍
Reached on the top of a Mountain Coverd with Snow and witnessed a magical Sunshine, Standing on the top of that mountain made me feel like i was Reborn that day in the lap of Mother Mountain 🗻

Photo of Reborn when felt like dying ❤ by Sachin | Musafir