Land of wanderlust

21st Dec 2019
Day 1

Life is a series of adventure,and we just need to go with the flow. On 4th February, 2019, I decided a very random trip with one of my friend. We planned, we booked our bus and in the same evening we left for this beautiful gem of Himachal Pradesh, that is Kalga. Kalga is located in the Parvati Valley. Nearest bus and taxi stop is Barshaini, from there you will have to walk a short distance to reach Kalga. But in the time of February, it took us almost one to two hours to reach the top, which in normal days would take thirty minutes. But due to heavy snowfall, the whole route from Kasol was covered with snow, and when we reached Barshaini, the height of the snow reached over our knees. It was three day adventurous and memorable trip because all we could see all day and night long is snow all around. There was no electricity, due to heavy snowfall. But the Hilltop homestay and Chaman Bhai ji ( owner of the homestay) was so helpful and polite, that he gave us two newly self knitted woolen socks to me and to my friend. And seriously, no words for his coffee, hot chocolate and pan cake. They tasted so much better than other cafes. And obviously the mountains and maggi have some kind of unimaginable and unique kind of bond. I don't think anyone can come back from mountains without eating the mountain maggi. Eating Himachali dishes in front of Bukhari (fire place), talking to Chaman Bhaiji about the village, feels like a beautiful memory today. The only difficult part was going to the washroom and touching the icy water, which felt like knife crossing from in between my palms. And for the washroom there was a snowy road which you will have to cover. But as soon as sun comes up, the place feels like heaven. In the time of sunset when localites take there herd home, it looks magical. Sky is pink in the evening. Sky is blue in the morning time and the sky looks like universe at night. And the toughest task of this whole journey was climbing down the mountain from Kalga to Barshaini. If you go to Kalga at the time of the snowfall, just throw your shame away,from where you will board your bus to Himachal, because you fill slip like anything. I myself did not walk when climbing down, I sat and I covered the whole route sliding downhill. And it is the safest option to do if you are afraid of falling down.
Kalga village is a very small place. It is covered by huge mountains on every side. You can reach Tosh, Pulga, Tulga, Kheerganga from Kalga. If you travel to Kalga in summers you can reach this places easily, but at winters it is all snow. But I would say, I have travelled to so many places but Kalga have taken a special place in my heart. And on February 2020, I am again going there :)


Photo of Kalgha, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh, India by Neeharika Rajbanshi

Coolest homestay I have ever been to (Hill top homestay)

Photo of Kalgha, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh, India by Neeharika Rajbanshi
Photo of Kalgha, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh, India by Neeharika Rajbanshi