Sangli Cycling (Part 4) Sangli=Basvan khind,Starpalms=Sangli

26th Mar 2021

Ride Start time:5.30 to 6 am from Sangli city

Ride distance:Approx.50 km

I feel,this is the perfect road to practice cycling and increase your Cycling stamina. The road is wide with no potholes till end and has ups and down making your practice better.You can start your ride from Sangli stand and through Ankali bridge get right towards Kolhapur bypass road.As always it's nice to pass Ankali bridge early in the morning.

You travel parallel to the rail track of Jaysingpur railway station.Lucky,if you get to see a train passing by..!! The bypass road has a steady elevation till Basvan khind. If you take the route through Jaysingpur city from Ankali bridge you will not feel the elevation except on some parts ,but you will be disturbed by traffic and speed breakers.Hence it's better to travel through bypass. From Jaysingpur station chowk you will travel straight through Jainapur and Nimshirgaon.From there you will be connected to main Kolhapur road to reach Baswan khind.

Photo of Sangli Cycling (Part 4) Sangli=Basvan khind,Starpalms=Sangli 1/3 by Devendra Khot
Photo of Sangli Cycling (Part 4) Sangli=Basvan khind,Starpalms=Sangli 2/3 by Devendra Khot

From this point it's a kind of " Rider's paradise" road till Hatkanangale.It has a nice slope and is almost 3 km long pleasure ride...! It passes through "Starpalms" farmhouse which has beautiful landscapes in front of it. The road and landscapes are temptations for selfies and group photos.

Many professional rider cyclists from Sangli ,Ichalkaranji come here often for practice.You will love to do two or more laps from Baswan khind to Ichalkaranji phata ,Hatkanangale and back to khind.

Photo of Sangli Cycling (Part 4) Sangli=Basvan khind,Starpalms=Sangli 3/3 by Devendra Khot

Here you also have the option of doing trekking on the near by hills,once you make some necessary arrangements for parking your bicycles.

Returning from khind,you have the option to travel through Jaysingpur city or else continue through bypass road. On bypass road, it's almost continuous nice slope till Ankali bridge except at some parts of road. In between you have options also to go through Danoli road from Jainapur and connect back to Kothli phata near Jaysingpur station chowk.The bypass road has a lot of tea stalls and fruit vendors for relaxing and rehydration.

From Ankali you can also return through Haripur road to Sangli or else continue straight to Sangli.This ride is not too short and not too long and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Also this route is a gateway to explore "Kolhapur district Cycling"....hence keep practicing and keep pedaling...