Six Destinations That Every Travel Blogger Must Visit


It is not easy for those wannabe travel bloggers to start. Not only they need to work on a memorable writing style, but they also should pick the right destinations. If you are traveling alone and want a place with plenty of locations to impress you, here are the countries you can choose.


We are starting with Croatia, a real gem of Balkans and entire Europe. You can explore more than 2,500 miles of coastline and cities with beautiful old towns and dazzling architecture. Did you know that Dubrovnik is the place where they shot the Game of Thrones?


Entire Greece is beautiful, but this small lone island in the middle of the sea is a real gem. Visit Santorini to see why thousands of tourists pick this destination for peace, quiet, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you manage to transfer the unique feeling of spending time on the island, visits to your blog are guaranteed!

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The land down under is specific for many reasons. Not only it has unique plant and animal life, but it also offers beautiful beaches and impressive cities with plenty of sights to see. A huge number of natural wonders, beautiful photos to capture, and adventure opportunities to tell make Australia the ideal destination to visit for a traveler.


India is a country with a rich culture and tradition. Everything it has to offer may come as a bit of a cultural shock to a typical Westerner. It is that distinctiveness that makes it a beautiful story for every travel blog. On top of that, the country is large enough that months won’t be enough to see everything worth seeing and experience everything worth witnessing.


Although many tie Iceland with the winter and the cold, the truth is that it can be equally beautiful in the summer. Located at the very north of Europe, this country allegedly has an 8:1 ratio in favor of women. And most of them are blondes!

Rio De Janeiro

The famous Copacabana beach is the perfect location for a summer adventure, but if you want to visit Rio, always choose the time of the famous carnival. Not only you will have the time of your life, but also plenty of things to tell your readers.

How to Fund These Travels?

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