Solo tent camp

2nd Nov 2019

Plenty of people are hesitant to camp solo, but for women, many of whom deal with catcalls during mundane morning jogs, it's harder to dismiss imagined sexual predators lurking in the woods.

I’ve hiked and camped alone.It’s difficult to unwind the tangle of fear we share about sleeping alone in the wilderness: a snapping twig could be a curious bear, a stranger, or an early warning that a tree is going to squish your tent. 

Photo of Solo tent camp by Alice Joseph
Photo of Solo tent camp by Alice Joseph

I just watch the stars tick by overhead on their way toward dawn. I do my best to enjoy the view, and the peace, and the quiet. It’s why I’m there in the first place, after all. And it’s why I won’t stop sleeping in the woods by myself, even when my nights are sleepless.