Backpacking in Jaisalmer

13th Sep 2014
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Sand Dunes
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Sand dunes 1
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Sand dunes 2
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Sand dunes 3
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Sand dunes 4
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Sand dunes 5
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Gadisar Lake
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Gadisar lake 1
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Entrance of Gadisar Lake
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Gadisar Pol
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Jaisalmer Fort
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Jaisalmer Stn
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Kuldhara Village

Jaisalmer- “The Golden City”, is a small town in the Indian State of Rajasthan. It stretches to only 5kms and having a population of 50,000 people (approx.). Rising from the heart of Tharp Desert, etched in yellow Sandstone, this citadel city stands in all its awesome splendor.

Second Oldest fort in Rajasthan, sleeping under the stars, go on a desert safari, Ghost Town, Royal cemetery and many more. This small city of Rajasthan has many things to offer.

About 5000 people still live within the ancient walls of the fort. Walk through the tiny lanes lined with temples, souvenir shops and many skilled artists will make you feel Is it real or it is a mirage. Finally, feast on panoramic view of the city from Various Cannon points as well as Rooftop Restaurants. Jaisalmer has the rich cultural heritage of this region. Even though food is not that great, but still you will love it. In order to know the city well you should hire a guide. Believe it or not, in each and every wall, corners and bricks you will find some or the other stories engraved and by looking at it you will feel that they are still alive.

It’s a must visit if you are in Jaisalmer. It is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan, 250 ft. Tall and is reinforced by imposing perforated sandstone wall 30 ft. High. Even still today one fourth of the old city population resides within the fort. Its 80 meter high perch on the hill, housing the entire township within its ramparts. It has an enchanting cobweb of narrow dotted lines with some lovely havelis, temples and palaces. Also it has many roof top restaurants from where the whole city is visible. The fort is approached through four gateway- Ganesh, Akshay, Suraj and Hawa Pol.
A scenic rain water lake with numerous beautiful shrines around is now a halcyon spot for outings. It is now one of the primary tourist attractions of the region. Visitors can also enjoy boating in the lake. In the olden days it was the only source of water for the city. It’s a man-made reservoir constructed by the first ruler of Jaisalmer Raja Rawal Jaisal. It’s a must see during annual Gangaur celebrations. The view of the lake from for the fort is breathtaking.
People have given it many names: Abandoned village, Cursed Village, Haunted Village etc… But believe me none is true. The story goes somewhat like this: Kuldhara was the largest village in a community consist of total 84 Villages. It was established by Paliwal Brahmins in 1291. These Brahmins were known in the outside world for their Business acumen and agriculture knowledge. Suddenly, in the 18th century, all the people of this village vanished in the dark. Why?? After living here for almost 7 centuries, why suddenly they all left. The King of the ruling kingdom saw the young daughter of the Village chief and decided to marry him. But since due to caste system they don’t want this marriage to happen. But they knew the intention of the king that if they will not allow then he will take away their daughter forceful and will marry him. So for pride and honor they all met one night and decided to leave the village in the dark of the night. Nobody knows where they all went and from that day onwards people started calling this village by different names.
It’s a must do hike. It will be a lifetime experience to see the red sun blend with the golden sands far into the horizon. No money or no comfort can override sleeping under the stars. Get free from your tiresome life and bring yourself, amidst the desolate sand dunes. Give the holiday an impetus of adventure camping in Rajasthan and confront the Thar from a completely different prospective.