Sorry Boss, I Need to Get Away! Travelers Share the Best Excuses to Get Time off for a Vacation



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Conversation overheard at the watercooler of You Don't Have a Life Inc.

Aarti: I can't wait for the weekend getaway we've been planning!

Roy: Me neither. It's finally happening - the five of us taking a road trip

Zarin: But Aarti, what will your boss say about taking a day off? Isn't it tough to get time off work?

Aarti: It is, but that's why I plan on calling in sick. There's no other way for me to get time off work.

Roy: What excuse are you planning to use this time?

Aarti: It's just a day off, I guess I'll tell him I have an upset stomach!

It's not uncommon for us to come across friends and travelers who have to lie to their bosses about taking a day (or in some cases a few weeks!) off to be able to spend their vacation time peacefully. So just how do they get away with it? I asked travelers what are their go-to excuses are to keep their bosses from guessing that they're actually on vacation. Here's what they said confessed to:

Problem: The awkward guy

Solution: Loose motion

Typically male bosses who get uncomfortable with too much information about a female colleague's health - loose motion or stomach upsets figured as the top excuse most travelers use for a short getaway! For really difficult bosses - stomach cramps because no one wants to speak about menstrual cramps at work! Women don't mind popping a painkiller so they can go on holiday.

Problem: The tough nut to crack

Solution: A death in the family

These kinds of bosses stop at nothing - except a death in the family. Most people 'kill off' fictitious family members so they can vacation in peace. Travelers 'mourn' their way into a vacation that lasts about 3-5 business days, complete with rituals back home!

Problem: The nosy parker

Solution: Passport applications back home

These kinds of managers quiz you about every detail and are filled with suspicion. The best way to get time off? Talk about something you're absolutely sure about! And which travel-fanatic doesn't know about passport applications and renewals?

Problem: The control freak

Solution: Pink eye

Need to take a couple of weeks off but the boss at work just won't allow it because they need to control every aspect of your calendar? A traveler recommended pink eye - she rubbed some soap into her eye and voila! A temporary vision impairment which got her a few weeks off.

Problem: The micro-manager

Solution: Back trouble

A crowd favourite for longer holiday plans - a well researched back issue is the way to go! Be sure to get all the details right, travelers warn because this type of boss is probably going to grill you about all the possible angles - you better have the 'spine for it'.

Problem: The gullible boss

Solution: Issues at home

Depending on the length of the vacation, travelers suggest increasing the seriousness of the issue at hand. From having to take care of their children to supporting a spouse who's abroad on work, this proven excuse can get you anywhere between a few days to three months off - great for a case of hardcore wanderlust.

Problem: The Pandemic Boss

Solution: Covid symptoms 

The classic excuse being used by many travellers who've caught the bug, the travel bug that is! Quarantine for 14 days, testing and hospital visits. How can your boss beat that excuse? 

Problem: The illogical boss

Solution: I need a break I've earned

To a lot of travellers, stating what they need in an honest way seems to be the best approach. And how can logic go against you when you're simply taking personal time off which is a part of your work-life balance? Travellers do admit it might annoy the boss, but if you have a thick skin, focus on your holiday and get back to putting in great work it shouldn't cause any issues. 

Problem: The best boss - no problem at all

Solution: Tell them you're going on vacation!

The ideal boss who understands that you deserve time off and you can do what you want on your personal time off. No need to get creative with excuses and just enjoy your well-deserved getaway!

While some of us are lucky to have bosses who allow us to plan our vacations in peace, many travelers are forced to make excuses so they can enjoy a getaway without work getting in the way. Let's hope you can be yourself with your boss!

So what kind of boss do you have and how do you escape for a getaway? Drop your comments below or wishlist this link for future reference!

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